Germany: 6000 deaths during animal transport accident




In an accident near Kasel, Germany, on October 3, a poultry truck is overturned. According to initial findings about 6000 non-human persons (chickens) have died.

LKW umgekippt2pg

Eyewitnesses report a cruel scene that showed up between meadows and fields. A big overturned truck immediately catches your eye before you see the many boxes of thousands of squashed chickens. 80 percent of the chickens did not survive!

hühner tot 6jpg

A forklift carries one box after another into the van. Sad is the sight that offers itself because the animals seem to have been crushed by the thousands. So here stands out a foot, there a wing or the tender comb of a cockerel.

hühner tot 5

The whole thing is overshadowed by the typical chicken stall smell, which always hits your nose when hundreds of dead animals pass by again. The beeping of the survivors sounds desperate and powerless, considering the many hours in this hell, no wonder.

hühner toz 9pg

At some point there are no more cages on the dirt road from where you can still see their former home. In just over an hour, the survivors will have reached Gudensberg, the largest poultry slaughterhouse in Hesse, Germany.

hühner tot 4

Overall, the 40-tonner had loaded 7500 animals. The vehicle was no significant damage according to police, even the 38-year-old driver of a company from the district of Lower Saxony remained unhurt.

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The driver claimed that it rained in torrents and it was correspondingly dark. Suddenly he noticed that the right rear tires have strayed off the road and he has lost the control of the truck.

As a result of the impact, some of the transport boxes were opened so that some of the chickens had to be caught in the adjacent field. Although the van “very slowly,” slipped into the ditch, so the driver, 80 percent of the animals did not survive the accident. All persons were 32 days old!

The surviving chickens can not avoid their fate even after the disaster. After the transporter has been raised again, they should be brought to a slaughterhouse in Gudensberg, Germany.

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My comment: If an accident happened to 6000 human animals, the third world media war would break out.
And the driver would have been responsible for negligent homicide in 6000 cases before the court. He would also have been accused of grievous bodily harm in another 1500 cases.
Now the message has disappeared, nowhere can you get new information about the “accident”. And so these messages get the color of a torture voyeurism for a gossipy society!

Coming soon, the farm animal exploiter will probably receive a generous compensation for the damage, because the EU agricultural subsidies are intended for such crimes.
This way, he can rebuild his Dachau as soon as possible and possibly gets more inmates.

And Germany can continue to produce 57 million tonnes of poultry (carcass weight) as in 2018. Because Germany is one of the largest meat and milk producers in the world, it produces 8 million tons of meat every year!! And this business is subsidized with taxpayers’ money!

There may be some who have difficulty responding to this crime if they are to be “reasonable” or “appropriate” without being “fanatical”.

I can say that I am very sad that there is not at least ONE human person among the 6000 dead. That would be fair for me.
Whoever wants to define this as “fanaticism” is a pseudo-moralist and accepts the right understanding of a banana republic.

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My best regards to all, Venus


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