Stray animals: abandoned friends


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In many European countries brutal mass murders are used against the high number of abandoned stray dogs. Through state subsidies and the establishment of killing stations, the killing of dogs has become a lucrative business that has to be stopped as soon as possible!

streune katze verletztpg

For each animal caught, the dog catchers commissioned by the towns receive a certain amount – to earn as much as possible, however beastly any means are right: The stray dogs are pursued and hunted, poisoned and abused, tortured and killed in a cruel manner. Just before major international events, such as the Olympic Games or the World Cup, tens of thousands of dogs are killed to clean up the streets of large cities.


With our petition we demand a ban on legal dog kills in Europe and the financial support of nationwide castrations by the countries.
Killing stations are to be closed and abolished. No stray animals should be killed anymore for an international sports event.
All collected signatures will be submitted to the European Parliament.

Please sign now, because your voice saves the dogs life!

Read the petition letter here >>

Petition Gegen das Töten von Straßenhunden in Europa

My comment: Stray animals were once family members. They were faithful, happy, thankful for giving them a home.
Brainless people, without moral education, without any responsibility for the fate of the weaker ones, have put them on the street.
In Spain every 6 minutes an animal is abandoned on the street.
Then they starve, they suffer.

The accession of many southern European countries to the EU has brought no benefits for the animals.
On the contrary! The introduction of state animal shelters has become a hell for the strays, and these homes in many EU countries are being commercialized and operators are getting money per day and per dog. The more dogs they catch and the less they spend on care, the more lucrative this business is.

In the streets they are poisoned, shot, burned, beaten to death, almost no one cares about the stray animals. In most southern countries, the strays dare not on the road during the day; they wait for the night, they run through the empty street emaciated, sick, injured, hungry and look for a piece of bread in each garbage container.
Only a consistent castration campaign across Europe could get the problem under control, at least so that it does not get bigger.

Many abandoned friends are waiting in the animal shelters.
And they demand nothing more than a little food, a little caring, and loyalty.
There is certainly enough love in the heart of a feeling person for a new friendship.

streuner Hund im Kartonpg

My best regards to all, Venus



By Mark:

I want to pick up more about what Venus is saying here. I founded SAV back in 2005 in order to try and help the stray dogs (and cats) of Serbia. As Venus says, For each animal caught, the dog catchers commissioned by the towns receive a certain amount – to earn as much as possible, however beastly any means are right: The stray dogs are pursued and hunted, poisoned and abused, tortured and killed in a cruel manner.

Stray dog abuse in Serbia is rife – and we campaigned about improving the situation for many years. People in government and in the regional municipalities are getting very rich on the back of animal killing – money from central government funds being paid out for every animal killed. We campaigned for the ‘kill’ money to be invested into a campaign of national sterilisation for strays; our efforts were met with ridicule by the (very rich as we are thanks) officials. Killing strays made them money, so killing strays is what they continue to do.

You can check out all the information with regard Serbian strays at – the ‘Did you Know’ pyramids show just how many strays can be produced by a pair of dogs or cats over a series of years. It is mind blowing to realise that so called intelligent people who are at the heart of government and local municipalities put their own financial interests ahead of a national plan to reduce the numbers of stray animals roaming the streets.

Its simple; remember; a sterilised animal will never produce any more young; so why not the national sterilisation campaign in Serbia ? – sadly, officials put their own financial status way above the welfare of animals – the killing machine is what they encourage; and sadly; no sterilisation provides them with an endless supply of dogs and cats to round up and slaughter – getting rich as a result thanks very much.

Here are a few more links to our past work in Serbia. Remember, this is just one nation in Europe where this killing frenzy happens. Until the EU does something; the slaughter of innocents will continue. Very sadly; pigs and chickens make money for nations in international EU trade – stray animals do not. Things need to change.


Regards Mark.


Serbian links to our work for strays in Serbia:


Picture 024.jpg


The ‘Shinters’ – Dog Catchers. Contains some disturbing video footage.

Picture 021

Picture 019

Picture 029


Illegal activities –

eyes pus








watch the video

In the following video link you can see a (Serbian) stray dog which has been sterilised by animal welfare organisations – checked and given treatment for disease and illness; and fitted with a red ear tag to show that it has been sterilised. This means nothing to the authorities, as you can see in the footage; the poor dog is darted ready for collection (and death) by the shinters who can be seen balaclava clad waiting across the street to move in and take the dog. This dog is innocent and has been sterilised; it will produce no more strays. The red tag means nothing to the authorities; their aim – to just kill, kill and kill.


watch the video






shelter 1


Serbia - stray dogs drowned and then hund from trees

Above – Dogs drowned and then hung from trees !


Don’t tell me the EU is anything good – it is crap ! – Mark.


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