Wolves: the victims of psychopaths



The protected status of the wolf is determined by the EU. Yet, EU countries determined what this status practically implies by including the species in different Annexes of the Flora and Fauna Habitats Directive. Therefore, countries like France and Slovakia, as well as regions of Spain can still legally cull wolves to a certain level. Yet, even Spain stopped the wolf culling activities last season. In the meantime, illegal killing of wolves continues to happen in many other countries. Here are a few highlights that need international attention.



Norway flag, vector illustration

The Norwegian regional Large Carnivores Committee recently made the decision to kill three wolf packs in the so-called wolf zones this winter. The wolf-zones are actually areas where wolves should be able to live, instead of being shot. This means that Norwegian hunters will try to kill another 17 wolves. Many Norwegian organisations have appealed to the Ministry of Environment to call stop the killing. The Ministry will decide on the situation in November.

The decision follows many killings and demonstrations against it in Norway and across the world. Last year, Norway planned to kill half of its entire wolf population even. The Scandinavian wolf population is severely suffering from these impacts. There is less genetic exchange between populations, due to the fact that many migrating wolves die along the way. And the so-called genetic inbreeding is used as an argument to reduce the wolf population size again. Yet, scientific evidence shows that the Scandinavian wolf population can recover, if people let it. On the 26th of October, people will go to the streets to demonstrate against this decision as well.




Denmark saw the return of the wolf happening in 2012 after almost 200 years. However, last year a hunter shot one of the few wolves in Denmark. The hunter was captured on video and arrested. The court decided in August last year that the hunter got a sentence of just 40 days probation. In addition, the hunter lost his hunting license now too. But the story of Danish wolves does not stop there. According to reporting, at least 7 wolves have gone ‘missing’ in Denmark since 2012. What is left is an estimated number of 4 adults and 6 cubs.

If the Danish authorities treat such felonies of killing strictly protected animals so mildly, it is only a matter of time before the re-extinction of wolves in Denmark.




The latest news is from Belgium, which welcomed the wolf back after more than 100 years of absence. The she-wolf named Naya found a male partner August in the Belgian forests. Earlier this year, camera traps photographed her as she showed signs of being pregnant. However, since 4.5 months there has been no sign of her or the pups. August still roams the woods, but the official news came out this weeks that hunters most likely have killed Naya.

Although clear evidence is still lacking, experts state it is very unlikely that the wolf died of other causes. The official research still has to provide proof of what happened to the Belgian wolf, however.

Human-wolf coexistence

Killing wolves is not the solution for the problems that hunters and farmers are facing. Effective livestock protection measures are more effectively contributing to human-wolf coexistence than killing wolves. Practical examples from many different countries and regions prove that it can work. It is up to the people to decide whether they accept that the wolf returned.



My comment: First of all, we have to make one thing clear: the goal of the hunt is the executions!

After the reintroduction of the wolves in Germany it is forbidden (officially) to shoot a wolf.
The wolf enjoys a high protection status as a endangered species in Germany and at the same time is still protected by European and international law.
This is on paper.
But hunters have always hated wolves.
The murders against wolves have accumulated in recent years in Germany but they were never enlightened.
So how can a hunter eliminate a wolf without being punished?
He sends his hunting dogs, the hunter’s best manipulated!
It is about a miserable minority of 0.45% of the german population practicing undisturbed every day terror against defenseless animals in the forest.

The peasants claiming that their animals are being ripped off by wolves. They can build fences. For this they get the EU subsidies.
Also, if one or two animals are ripped off by the wolf they will get compensation.
The farmers do not mention that in Germany every year one million sheep are brutally slaughtered and often without anesthesia! that’s what they call business, fun food for a society that does not need it.

Hunters claim that they regulate nature.
They do not regulate anything, they massacre on murder lust.
Hunters are habitual offenders who deliberately kill defenseless animals.

karikatur mit ermordeten Wolfnthis is one of the most dangerous animals on our planet.
Year after year, it is responsible for multiple suffering and millions of deaths. Left beside it hangs a murdered wolf.

My best regards to all, Venus

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