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Nobody stays behind: Firefighter rescues cat after smoke poisoning before death!

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A firefighter in Russia became a social media hero after Civil Protection released footage about him reanimating a lifeless cat.
These he had saved minutes before from a terrible fire.

Feuerwehrmann Russlandpg

Thirty-five people and two pets of the historic building were rescued earlier this week in Tver, a city about 160 kilometers northeast of Moscow.

The fur ball suffered serious smoke poisoning when the firefighters managed to rescue it via an escape route.

The images show one of the helpers cleaning the cat’s face with water from a puddle and using his airpack – the respirator used in heavy smoke – to oxygenate the animal.

feuerwehrmann Russlandjpg

Fortunately, the resuscitation succeeded, and after about seven minutes, the cat was regained consciousness despite the ordeal.

katzenrettung RusslandjpgA photo taken at the scene of the fire shows it lying on a sofa.


Firefighter Andrey Meister told local media that he and his crew found the cat looking for survivors right after they broke into a third floor apartment in the building.

russland Katzenrettungpg

The fire in the historic district, referred to by locals as “Morozov’s City”, occurred on Tuesday.
The city’s emergency services dispatched 19 fire trucks in response to the fire, and all residents were successfully evacuated without loss.
Another pet that was also rescued during the mission was a dog.

© All photos: Anastasia Chistyakova @chistyakova_n (Instagram)

Our thanks and respect for the firefighter.
We need more news like this.
But most of all we need more people like Andrey Meister.
They give us hope that empathy and humanity have not been eradicated.

My best regards to all, Venus


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