USA: Urge Automakers to Withdraw Support for President Trump’s Dirty Cars Rule




Urge Automakers to Withdraw Support for President Trump’s Dirty Cars Rule


Dear Mark,

Auto manufacturers just turned their back on science.

The hypocrisy is astounding. After decades of trying to create an image of themselves as a “green” automaker—thanks to the popular Prius, one of the first mainstream gasoline-electric hybrids for sale in the United States—it’s appalling to see Toyota working against strong clean car standards.

Toyota recently joined General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, and other automakers to back the Trump administration’s efforts to revoke California’s and 13 other states’ strong clean car standards—tell these automakers they are in the wrong.

Not only would this move prevent the 14 states plus the District of Columbia from protecting their residents from vehicle pollution—and from working to address global warming—it would prevent other states from adopting stronger standards as well.

This must not go unchallenged—it is up to American consumers to fight back against this corporate negligence. Urge the automakers to reverse course and support California’s right to set and other states’ right to adopt strong vehicle emission standards.

The existing emission standards were implemented in 2012 with significant input from stakeholders—including these automakers. Now automakers are throwing in the towel on their commitments to address global warming emissions from cars. And cars emit A LOT: the transportation sector is the largest source of global warming pollution in the United States and cars account for the largest share of this sector.

That’s why we’re joining more than half a dozen other organizations—including environmental, consumer protection, and labor groups—to get as many people as possible to sign our petition. Act now to tell these auto manufacturers to stop putting short-term gains ahead of the public and the climate in their support of the Trump administration’s attack on clean car standards.


Eyal Li
Campaign Associate
Clean Transportation Program
Union of Concerned Scientists 




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