Australia: A Message From Lyn White (Animals Australia) Re the Incident Off Romania – Over 14,000 Sheep Drown.




fracht gekentert


Dear Mark,

You may have already heard the tragic news of a live export ship capsizing off the coast of Romania, with over 14,000 sheep on board.

I wanted to get in touch to let you know that our international team are currently on the ground coordinating the media coverage that is forcing the government to ‘pull out all stops’ to rescue any surviving sheep that remain trapped in the hull.

We will do all that we can to help those who have survived over the coming days and ensure that this tragic incident fuels our efforts in Romania to bring their live trade to an end. As the biggest exporter of sheep out of the European Union, we have been working on the ground to end their trade for the last 3 years, and have achieved a number of major media exposés to date. This latest tragedy will highlight yet again, why the trade must not continue.


Image result for Petre Daea romanian minister

The ‘animal welfare’ ignorant Romania Minister Petre Deae

The risks and suffering that animals face when they’re seen as merely ‘cargo’, rather than the living, breathing individuals they are, has never been more evident than it is now. For an industry who see these animals as nothing more than ‘profit’, tragedies like this are merely business losses.

But to you and I, they are the reason that we must continue to work to end the trade globally. Because we know that no matter where animals come from, all share the same capacity to suffer — and deserve the same compassion. Whether they come from Australia, Romania, South Africa, or anywhere in-between, we will continue our work to shield all animals from live export cruelty — until the day that live export ends.

I know that your compassion for these animals makes seeing them suffer painful beyond words. But please know, when you see these tragic events unfold, that you are the reason they will become a thing of the past. It’s only because of your support that this industry will continue to be challenged and decision makers compelled to end it, for good.

Our work to protect all animal victims of the international live export trade will continue in Romania and beyond, and the day when animals are no longer subjected to the horrors of live export, will inevitably come — because of you.

Thank you as always, for helping us get there sooner.


P.S. This urgent situation is unfolding as we speak — we’ll keep you updated.

Lyn White AM
Animals Australia



The ‘do nothing no prosecutions’ EU Commissioner Andriukaitis


in rememberance

In remembrance of the innocent who suffer under the greed of humankind.

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