Greece: Take More Action to Help Suffering Donkeys and Mules in the Tourism Industry.



Action Alert



Hi Mark,

A while back, you sent an e-mail to the Greek minister of tourism and the mayor of Santorini urging them to end cruel animal rides on the island.

In the wake of a new investigation showing that exhausted donkeys and mules are still being forced to carry tourists around on Santorini, I need your help once again.

This time, will you sign our petition to the Greek minister for agricultural development and food asking him to ban these cruel rides?

Sign the Petition

All day long, the animals are forced to transport tourists up more than 500 steep, slippery steps to the old town of Firá. They aren’t given access to water or food during their long working day.

When they’re not on the move, they’re tied tightly to a wall or rail in the blistering sun, unable to move enough even to shoo away bothersome flies.

Ill-fitting saddles chafe their sensitive skin. Most animals have skin issues such as raw spots or open, bloody wounds on their abdomens, at the base of their tails, or on their faces.

After we launched this campaign in September 2018, the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food banned any person weighing over 100 kilograms (a little under 16 stone) from riding the animals. But this new investigation shows that this law is neither observed nor enforced, as tourists of all weights are still being permitted to take rides.

Please sign our petition asking the minister for agricultural development and food to ban cruel donkey and mule rides on Santorini immediately.



Sign the Petition



Thanks for helping once again.


Priya S


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