4/10/20- Today is World Animals Day.

4/10/20- Today is World Animals Day


WAV Comment – today, ‘World Animals Day’, we have been sent some disturbing images from a rubbish dump in Oluvil, Sri Lanka, which shows majestic elephants scavenging for something to eat because all their habitat has been destroyed; or they are not allowed into ‘their’ territory by the human race.

How sad is this to see what man has done to the planet and all the other creatures which are now dominated by him ?

On this day we must all strive to give animals more of a voice in the world; and most importantly; attempt to free them from the ravages of humankind who is quite simply, exploiting and destroying them.

Regards Mark.




Here are just a few links – you can get more by typing in ‘World Animals Day’ on Google search:




















World Animal Day is the day set aside each year for raising the status of animals around the world in an effort to help improve their welfare.

A day when people, communities, organisations and countries unite as one, becoming a stronger force for animals, one with the power to make positive change. This World Animal Day we were thinking, what if we could make just one change for animals that really made a difference to their lives? What single thing could we do?

Is it even possible to make a single change and have an impact?

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