England: Unite !

Back in the 2005 / 06 period, when I (Mark) was deep into fighting for the rights of Serbian stray dogs and cats with a few Serbian activists – you can see most of the work at WAV’s other site which is ‘Serbian Animals Voce’ – https://serbiananimalsvoice.com/  – go to the archive on the left side; I got a lot of support from Maria Daines; an English singer.

Above – ‘Shinters’ Catch a stray dog (Serbia).

Above – Maria.

One day I asked Maria (and husband musician) Paul if they could do something about the suffering animals in Serbia.  As a result they penned the song ‘Unite’ – which as you can see starts immediately with the flag of Serbia.

In traditional Maria style, it is a song for the animals; something for which she is very well known.  This is a song for all animal activists the world over; declaring that we must unite in order to achieve victory.

Enjoy the song;

Regards Mark

SAV is not run directly as a site for Serbian strays any more; instead we still get many visitors each day rather than visit us at WAV,  so we also put all the WAV posts onto the SAV site each day – extra work but we have the advantage of getting the word out about issues via 2 different sites each day; and that’s a winner !

Regards Mark and Venus.

Serbia – More stray dog catching by Shinters.

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