Little Grey and Little White Have been Relased Into Their Forever New Home at an Icelandic Sanctuary.

Hi all;

Today 4/10 has been a really crazy mental day.  I have not done any posts for the site – so everything you get today will be from Venus.

Tonight I am starting to prepare something for tomorrow. You may remember in the past we have covered the rescue of Beluga whales Little Grey and Little White as they have started their journey from performing in a indoor show arena in the Far East to their new home in a massive natural sea sanctuary in Iceland.

It has been a massive undertaking for all involved – but the best news ever is that Grey and White have finally been released into the new forever sanctuary home over the last few weeks.

Tomorrow there will be much more, but I leave you now with a video of when John Bishop; a UK comedian, first met the pair in the far east.  As John says, the pair should never be performing as they were; and we fully endorse that.

The sanctuary can take up to about 8-10 Belugas, and we hope this trial will be the first of many to get captive marine animals out of the showground and back into the wild where they belong.

Here is the first video when John meets Little Grey and Little White for the first time.

Hopefully more tomorrow;

Regards Mark

Keep wild in the wild !

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