EU agricultural reform: “Greenwashing of the worst kind”.

Cruelty to animals, the destruction of nature, and climate change will continue in the EU for the next seven years!

In total, there are almost two thousand amendments to the European Commission’s draft for agrarian reform.

This shows how little agreements could be made in advance. There is pure chaos, so to speak, and ideological battles are waged, regardless of democracy or ethics.


And of course, the excruciating slaughter of animals is also involved because the minimal changes to the new seven-year agricultural budget do not provide for any improvements in animal welfare. Everything goes on as before!

It is possible that bullfighting subsidies will continue to be granted and instead of promoting plant-based agriculture, terms such as “veggie burger” or “with cheese flavor” will be banned.

The EU’s agricultural policy has no concept, is lobby-sensitive, anti-democratic, and despises people, animals, and nature. Not even the official climate targets are taken into account, but rather simulated arithmetically.
Abolition of factory farming, reduction of methane gas, prevention of animal diseases, a ban on arable toxins?

EU agricultural subsidies are renegotiated every seven years.
However, it is not an ordinary part of the budget, but rather the largest block in the European budget, with an annual volume of 60 billion euros. So it is practically about an essential core of the European Union.

However, this year’s negotiations are one unbelievable anti-democratic scandal. The three “ruling” parliamentary groups push through their agenda and tried all kinds of tricks to secure their majorities.
Attempts were made to give priority to agendas for which no translations or voting overviews existed.

Nevertheless, our thanks go to the few upright fighters for justice – in particular to Anja Hazekamp from the Dutch Animal Welfare Party, who campaigned for animal rights in the agricultural committee and in the plenary chamber – and to the left European parliamentary group, which has always stood up for our interests.

EU-Agrarreform gescheitert

And I mean… The direction is clear: there will be no fundamental realignment of EU agricultural policy in the 2021-2027 budget period.

According to the decision of the heads of state and government, 345 billion euros are to flow into agricultural policy from July 2021 to 2027. That is almost a third of the total budget.

The basic principle for the distribution of the funds remains unchanged after the resolutions: a large part of the money, around three quarters, goes directly to the farmers.
But not to the little farmers.

WWF, BUND, and Greenpeace, like the Greens, have called for a completely new agricultural policy from the start.

One approach would have been to decouple the allocation of subsidies from the area. Farmers in Germany receive around 300 euros per hectare.
The suggestion was that the money should no longer be linked to the size of the farms, but to the award of eco-points.
Then farmers who ignore environmental protection would no longer receive any money.

But that was never on the agenda.

Factory farming with up to 80,000 pigs on a single farm and the constant demand from consumers for their cheap schnitzel have created an agricultural mafia that lives on completely nonsensical subsidies and cheap workers.
This agrarian mafia will continue to exist as before.

Agricultural companies do an incredible amount of lobbying. They have a massive presence in Brussels and millions are used to exert influence.

EUROPE needs politicians who will liberate us from the EU.

My best regards to everyone, Venus

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