World Lemur Day

You can see one lemur spin his head in psychological distress while trapped in a cramped cage 😔
Zoos deprive lemurs of their freedom and sometimes even their families.

Never visit them!!


And I mean…It is collective nonsense to believe that zoos help protect species.
It is only prisons with live animals that parents visit with their children so that they learn that innocent and completely defenseless animals have to live in loneliness, suffering, and deprivation of liberty for a lifetime.

Zoos are commercially operated entertainment establishments that breed for their own display needs.
The zoos bring the argument about conservation, research, and education for children only to justify their existence

But as soon as children see that orangutans and monkeys live in the tropical rainforest at all and that almost exclusively high up in the trees where they build their nests, then they understand it has nothing to do with the animal that is apathetic in the zoo crouching behind a pane of glass on a bare concrete floor and bored to death.

A zoo is and remains an amusement for the visiting people. Nothing else.

Never visit a zoo! Never take your kids to the zoo!

Every documentary film conveys more knowledge and arouses more empathy than a visit to the zoo could ever do.

My best regards to all, Venus

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