England imposes heavy penalties on animal abusers

Bad times for animal abusers in England: A law passed on April 29 extends the range of sentences from a maximum of six months in prison to up to five years’ imprisonment.

As early as 2017, the British government committed to reform the maximum penalty for violations of the Animal Welfare Act.
It took almost four years for the law to be passed, but it has been fixed since Thursday:

people who cause animals in England unnecessary suffering will face significantly higher penalties in the future.
The sentence from a maximum of six months in prison has been extended to up to five years imprisonment for the most serious offenses.

With the reform, England is following the example of Scotland and Northern Ireland. Convicted animal abusers can already be imprisoned there for up to five years.
As the last part of the United Kingdom, Wales is expected to follow shortly.

Milestone for animal welfare

Animal rights activists celebrate the new regulation as a great success and a milestone in the history of animal welfare.
“We are pleased that the animals are finally being given justice. Harsher penalties will be more of a deterrent and will help us put an end to abuse of animals once and for all, ”said Chris Sherwood, chairman of the UK’s largest animal welfare organization, the RSPCA.

The law is expected to come into force this year.

Lighter sentences in Germany and Austria

In Austria and Germany, too, torturous acts against animals can lead to imprisonment – but the maximum punishment is well below that which threatens in the UK in the future:
In Germany the maximum sentence is three years, in Austria it is two years.


And I mean…Five years for someone who has an animal tortured to death is not a just punishment either.
But we have to start somewhere.
Psychopaths and staunch animal haters will now think twice about draining their perverse instincts on defenseless ones.

Germany, which claims it has the best animal welfare law in Europe, must imitate this.
And German society, in its majority a perpetrator-friendly society, must finally develop and not justify its cowardice as “tolerance”.

My best regards to all, Venus

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