Lombardy and its right-wing populist hunters!

Report of the “Committee against Bird Murder”-19.05.

Right-wing populists in Lombardy kneel in front of the poacher lobby:
The right-wing “Lega”, which is in government in the northern Italian region of Lombardy, wants to soften the already hunting-friendly regulations for the protection of migratory birds with a draft law that has now been presented.

The main point of the amendment to the law is the abolition of controls on live decoys.
In migratory bird hunting – thrushes and skylarks can still be shot in Italy today – hunters are dependent on the use of live decoys.

Since bird trapping has been banned, hunters have theoretically had to resort to bred birds.
But the decoy traders often do not breed the animals, but instead catch them with nets or rob them from nests as chicks.

Tens of thousands of these birds then end up on the market with forged “breeding rings”a mafia-like, well-organized fraud.

So far, committee staff and police officers have spent a lot of time checking these rings.
According to the will of the “Lega”, these controls are now to be prohibited – a free ticket for bird trapping and poaching!
The Italian nature conservation associations – in addition to the Committee against Bird Murder, LAC, LAV and the WWF – announced yesterday 18.5.

Protest actions started calling on the Lombard MPs to reject the change in the law.


A few more things on this subject: In Italy, hunting is still a firmly rooted tradition, especially in the countryside.
A total of around 600,000 hunters are registered. Italy has a licensing system, which means that hunters can hunt almost anywhere in their region.
The hunters mainly hunt birds and primarily target migratory birds.

Brescia – a city in Lombardy – is the heart of the Italian hunting arms industry.
Here there is one arms and ammunition factory after the other.

The right-wing populistLega” – avowedly hunting-friendly – has provided the mayor in almost every municipality for decades. Making politics here means, above all, standing up for hunters and the arms industry.

According to the organization “caccia il cacciatore”, there are 10,000 of these permanent huts for bird hunting for every 30,000 hunters in Lombardy.

“The decoys are caught and kept permanently in tiny cages. Their feathers are torn out to start a spring change that is not appropriate for the season. When the feathers grow back, the bird, which is kept in a dark cellar during the summer, says it is spring and sends appropriate signals to its conspecifics.
A caught chaffinch can cost up to 100 euros on the black market. “(Source: caccia il cacciatore).

Of course, it is legally stipulated which species may be shot, how many birds the hunter can kill per day of the hunt and how many decoys he may use. But who really wants to rigorously control that with the enormous number of hunters?

Poaching has an ancient tradition in Italy and, although officially forbidden, is tolerated especially if the prey is “only” birds.
In accordance with local customs, slings, nets, stone traps or bows are used.
But the big problem in Italy is traditional silence.
Everyone knows that neighbor A is laying traps with live decoys, but nobody would report him for it, because if you let him poach in peace today, he will let you “dispose” of the old refrigerator in the creek on the edge of the field tomorrow.

One hand washes the other is the motto, and the authorities – and above all the police – have to fight against this mentality.

My best regards to all, Venus

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