Overfishing with the blessing of the EU

Report by Martin BuschmannMEP

The short-finned mako is a shark that can be found in almost all seas on earth.

However, its widespread distribution does not prevent it from being extinguished. The stocks are showing strong signs of overfishing and the animal has long been on the red list.

Mako Shark, the fastest shark in the world : An Endangered Species

Most of the mako ends up as bycatch in the nets of the fishing industry. But it is also caught specifically to eat its meat, cut off its fins or just for pleasure. 3000 tons of the ocean shark are landed in the ports of the North Atlantic every year.

The EU is responsible for 55 to 76% of the landings, mostly Spanish ports.

Swift and drastic measures must be taken to keep short-fin mako populations from becoming extinct. An in-depth investigation was conducted in 2017, which found that a recovery would be possible in the coming decades – but only if shark trapping is immediately and completely stopped.

For four years, however, the EU has been putting its hands on its lap, nothing has happened.

In 2019 and 2020, the EU even voted against restricting mako fishing.

In the meantime, the forecasts have clearly deteriorated. Another meeting will take place in 2021 to vote on global fishing quotas. Is the EU finally coming to its senses?

Only the EU and the US are still against the moratorium on short-finned mako. All other states will vote in favor.

Shrtfin Mako Shark face forward


And I mean…Mako sharks grow and reproduce slowly.
Females are slow maturing at approximately 18 years, while males mature much sooner, at 8 years.
Similar to great white shark pups, once born these baby sharks are left to fend to for themselves.
That means: a female shortfin Mako shark is estimated to reach sexual maturity at around 18 years, giving birth to relatively small litters (4-25 pups every 3 years).
Let’s think about what this means for a moment.

A female Mako sharks reproducing and giving birth to a litter for the first time this year would have been born around the year 2003!
This life history characteristic makes these apex predators extremely vulnerable to over-exploitation.

We read in the report that in 2019 and 2020 the EU even voted against restricting mako fisheries.
Like USA too.

But what common economic interests does the EU have if it supports the USA in eradicating Mako sharks from the oceans?
Actually none.
It is only because the EU has only ever cooperated with the powerful, no matter whether it’s the USA, the auto industry or the meat mafia

At the next meeting we will not be surprised if the EU re-enters as a cooperation partner of the USA and represents the interests of criminals again.

My best regards to all, Venus

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