France : Ecocide is becoming a criminal offense

Report by Martin Bussmann -MEP

The time has come! what I have been asking for a long time is now beginning to become reality. France wants to pass a law that punishes ecocide with severe penalties.
Ten years imprisonment or a fine of 4.5 million euros for anyone who harms the environment.
Of course, the law only applies within France, but I am confident that other countries will follow suit.

This makes it possible, for example, in the event of a river being polluted to take tough action against the company causing it.
The only problem: the intention has to be proven.
I hope that this point will be improved again. Of course, negligent behavior is also punishable. Environmental crimes should no longer be taken lightly; they are serious crimes.

When will such a law be passed in Germany?
So far, Germany has only been on screen for ecocide.

A television film of the same name was broadcast on state TV stations and played out a fictional court case:
In 2034, 31 states in the southern hemisphere are suing the German republic for damages amounting to billions for the devastating consequences of climate change.
Germany is found guilty and has to pay.
It doesn’t have to come to that if we manage to turn around now.

And I mean…Maybe we will still see it!
See Bolsonaro, Monsantos, Nestle, Shell, Total, Tönnies and hundreds of other environmental criminals at the International Court of Justice in Den Haag. It may be…

The 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill was caused by the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig on April 20, 2010.
The amount of oil that leaked from the well in the Macondo oil field into the Gulf of Mexico between April 20 and July 16, 2010 is estimated at 800 million liters; therefore the accident is considered to be one of the worst environmental disasters of its kind.

Criminal company BP has reached an agreement with the US government on damages totaling 18.7 billion US dollars, which is the highest value in US history.

Therefore: Maybe we shouldn’t give up hope, France is the starting point.

My best regards to all, Venus

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