Save the Bees!!!

Report from the blog: “Together for the animals”

Thousand of bees on the car?
Don’t panic, we tell you what to do!💖🐝

Pictures like these probably make some people freeze in horror: You come to your car and thousands of bees have made themselves comfortable on it.
Now it’s just not about losing your nerve.

First of all, the “WHY”.
The months of May and June are the so-called “swarming time”.
Strong bee colonies use the abundance of nectar and pollen to divide.
About half of the bees move out with the old queen and sit somewhere in the neighborhood as a “swarm of grapes” in a tree or on a car.
The rest of the bees stay in the old home and raise a new queen.
So when the little cuties sit down on your car, it’s pure coincidence.
Don’t panic.

They don’t harm you if you don’t harm them either.
Now it’s time to keep a cool head.
Don’t try to scare them away.
Do you have time let the animals make a stopover on your car.
They won’t bother you for more than 24 hours.
If you want to do something good for them, then carefully place a bowl of sugar water on the roof of your car.

If you don’t have that much time, proceed as follows: Stay at a safe distance from your car and make sure that nobody else approaches.
Don’t call the police, animal rescue or fire brigade, but a local beekeeping company.
The beekeepers know how to proceed and will catch the animals.
You just have to be patient until a beekeeper comes, but they usually know this problem and hurry up.

Don’t try to catch the bees yourself or you’ll be like a woman in Wales.
Your hybrid was followed over and over by the same swarm of bees for 2 days.
Why do you ask yourselves?
It’s simple: their queen got lost inside the car and was trapped.

The beekeepers will look for the queen and will know how to recognize her.
So don’t go into shock or panic, nothing will happen to you if you don’t harm the bees.
Even the hard-working little honey collectors just want to live and may be more afraid of you than you are of them.

In this sense: SAVE THE BEES !!! 💖

In Gedanken bei dir Smiling bee, text says be safe-Sticker

And I mean...It’s exellent that some blogs do such an informative job and take the initiative to educate people about such cases.
I have often found beehives in the forest and at first I left them alone.
After a day I called the beekeeper and he took them with him, he has a small, animal-friendly beekeeping in the village where I live.
After a month he brought me a jar of honey as a gift for the rescue of the bees, which I gave away because I do not consume any animal products.
Not even honey, not even from the beekeeper next door.
Is a matter of principle

My best regards to all, Venus

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