ideology of carnism: crimes to animals are “your” right

People are so disconnected from whom they are eating. They are so disconnected from the mass suffering and torture that they are inflicting upon others of different species.

Neatly wrapped packages of someone’s murdered body, blood cleaned away from their flesh – their corpse remains unidentifiable from the individual who they once were. Their brutal murder remains hidden behind closed doors.
This holocaust thrives in secrecy.

“Your meat” had a face, a heart beat, a personality and a family. You paid for their murder.
“Your dairy” came from a mother who was raped and had her babies stolen from her.
“Your eggs” came from a female who’s reproductive system was exploited and her male babies were macerated alive on their first day of life.

If you aren’t vegan, you support and pay for rape, torture, slavery, abuse and murder.
If you aren’t vegan, you support and profit a holocaust.
Text: Tash Peterson

And I mean…As to whether animal suffering is of a greater scale than human suffering, this seems inarguable to me.

Over 150 billion land animals are slaughtered every year, according to Farm Animal Rights Movement. To put that in a bit of perspective, the Population Reference Bureau estimates only 110 billion humans have ever lived.

So, of course, animal suffering is infinitely greater than its human equivalent.

In short, 99.99% of humans participate in a genocide and hold the biggest holocaust of all time, the Animal Holocaust, and call it their right, they call it normal.

Gary Yourofsky said: “Why would any human, poor or rich, black or white, gay or straight, religious or atheist, be allowed to rape, enslave, commodify and murder animals? Why would anyone be exempt from behaving ethically? If poor people aren’t allowed to have human slaves, or rape and murder children, then the animals are off limits too!”

We are here for the oldest and most oppressed group of all history: the animals.
We want justice and freedom for the animals, and we want for every wrong act against them to be stopped and punished.
And anyone who claims to have morals should be able to grasp that.

My best regards to all, Venus

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