Vietnam: Cam, the Little Bile Bear Is Rescued From His Hell On A Bile Farm – Now Lifetime Sanctuary and Care Await Him.

WAV Comment:

The following arrived with us this morning from ‘World Animal Protection’ New York branch.

World Animal Protection offices | World Animal Protection

World Animal Protection | We move the world to protect animals

Because of your support, World Animal Protection recently rescued Cam, an illegally captive bear from a life of awful abuse and misery on a bear bile farm in Vietnam. 

When Cam was found, he was being kept in a narrow, steel cage that didn’t allow him to turn around and was fed a poor diet that didn’t meet his nutritional needs. 

Thankfully, Cam was found by staff and government officials who were visiting different bear farms to ensure all the bears in these facilities were tagged. His release was negotiated with local authorities and a plan executed to bring him to his forever home. He is now settling into his new surroundings and can live a life free of cruelty and suffering. 

Rescues like this are possible because World Animal Protection has been working with other partnering NGO’s and the Vietnamese government, to end the cruel practice of bear bile farming and protect the small population of bears that remain in the wild.


Liz Quick-Corral
Interim Executive Director/Director of Development

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