UK: First Ever Vegan BBQ Week ! – 2-11/7/21

Vegan BBQ Week logo

Get ready to fire up the barbecue, because it’s the UK’s first-ever Vegan BBQ Week!

Running from 2 to 11 July, it’s the perfect time to host a long-awaited gathering of friends in the garden or just rustle up a small weekday feast outdoors. Whatever your plans, we’ve got the ultimate vegan BBQ guide for you.

For the ultimate vegan BBQ guide, click here:

UK’s First Vegan BBQ Week: Everything You Need to Know | PETA UK

f you’re joining in the excitement with a delicious summer feast, share your pics with us by posting on social media and using the hashtag #VeganBBQWeek.

The best bit about an all-vegan BBQ is that you get all the flavour without harming animals or burning up the planet. If you’re more of an indoor cook, why not order a copy of our free vegan starter kit for delicious recipes you can prepare in the kitchen and top tips on vegan living?

Order your free vegan starter kit here:

Order Your Free Vegan Starter Kit | People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (

Thanks for helping to make the world a better place!


Carys B

Grilling Without Killing
Rudy’s Vegan Butcher

Regards Mark

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