Australia: PETA Sends Meat-Themed Crossword to Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce – But, Do They Understand ???

WAV Comment – we have taken liberty and snatched a few images from our archives (from Animals Australia etc) just to add what this is about. We still dont think that they have the capacity to understand what this whole issue is about.

We will leave it to our Patron, Philip Woolen to make it clear:

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PETA Sends Meat-Themed Crossword to Scott Morrison and Barnaby Joyce

Amid increased discussion about ways to mitigate farmed animal-generated methane – a greenhouse gas that’s up to 30 times more potent than carbon – PETA has sent a unique meat-themed crossword puzzle to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce, among others, urging them to “get a clue” when it comes to the problems with meat.

The puzzle’s clues include, “A small, native marsupial facing extinction, largely because of land clearing for meat production” (koala) and “A slab of muscle, cut from the corpse of an animal who wanted to live” (steak).

In an accompanying letter, we warn leaders of placing all their focus on changing cows’ diets and digestive systems, saying, “No matter what ‘solution’ is latched onto next, be it tinkering with cows’ feed or their microbiomes, it’s always only going to be part of the puzzle.”

As scientists warn that carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases must fall by between 25% and 50% to limit global warming to below 2°C, it’s little wonder that animal agriculture and governments are scrambling to try anything – from seaweed to vaccines – to limit the sector’s methane output.

However, we can’t help but notice that by zeroing in on this one problem with meat – when there are so many others – Australia is overlooking the simplest solution: making the transition to a kinder, greener vegan future.

Click the link below for the solutions to the crossword.

Can Morrison and Joyce work it out, or do they need to be given the answers ?

Solution_Final.pdf (

Regards Mark

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