India: 5/7/21 – Latest From Our Great Friends At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

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Every new patient arriving in Animal Aid needs a little time to take in the new smells, sounds and looks of the other animals and the people caring for them. But within a few short days, most have bonded with one special “other”–a new best friend with whom they feel more confident and secure. Every species has their own way of chatting with each other–a word here, a nudge there, the extension of a playful paw.

Rana was terrified and bleeding, but now he’s doing great!

Rana was overcome with fear after being hit by a car. His lower canine tooth was dislodged and bled profusely and he couldn’t stand. Although he had no broken bones, it took several days before he had the strength to stand on his own.

His broken tooth needed to be removed surgically. When he woke up after surgery, Rana was so upset that he wouldn’t eat until he was cuddled and reassured.

We neutered Rana as soon as he was strong enough, and now he’s as good as new. If courage is measured by overcoming fear, Rana proved to be a very brave little boy.

Some little heroes need extra love in order to heal. Please donate today.

Sweetheart Rollie rescued with a horrific wound

A vehicle must have slammed into this beautiful bull at high speed causing a large and painful wound.Several passing motorists called us immediately after it happened, and we rushed to the site to find one of the most gentle beings we have ever met.

From Rollie’s first wound dressing until now, fully healed, he did everything he could to make his difficult medical treatments as easy as possible. And when he healed, Rollie surprised us all by becoming a father figure to the babies.

Innocence comes in all packages. Please donate today.

Sponsor Honey, the sweetest girl in town!

We rescued Honey in 2017 after someone had thrown acid on her back. She had suffered 3rd degree burns over a large part of her back.

This loveable, bright, infinitely charming honey of a girl was so severely burned that we weren’t sure we could save her. It took months for the wound to heal; in fact there is a little portion of her scar that never fully closes which is why we have given her a forever home in Animal Aid.

Honey is playful and truly one of those brilliant dogs who misses nothing, learns in a flash, knows so many concepts and navigates with wit and unstoppable sweetness through currents of ever-changing people and animals.

Click here to sponsor Honey:

Honey | Animal Aid Unlimited

Cub is all better now, rescued after animal attack.

Beautiful puppy Cub lay unconscious after being attacked by an animal.

Worried neighbors stayed by Cub’s side while waiting for our ambulance to arrive. Completely collapsed, this puppy was close to death. We immediately started him on fluids, pain control and antibiotics, allowed him to rest and thoroughly cleaned and bandaged his wounds. At first, he was too weak and exhausted to interact with his caregivers. But when he started to recover from shock, his little tail-wag told us we had reason to hope he could survive.

Be the reason a tail wags! Please donate today.

Celebrate the lives of Annie and Chintu with us.

On Sunday, Animal Aid lost two of our precious family members. Our hearts are heavy in saying goodbye to beloved Annie and Chintu, whose completely unexpected departures on the very same day left us all deeply shocked and sad. Annie’s memorial service was held in the morning and Chintu’s in the afternoon. We took great comfort in the shared sadness between all of our AA team, and each needed extra hugs from the many thriving animals in our midst.

Annie was born by C-section in 2011 after her mother was hit by a car and her pelvis broken. Her mother died in surgery; Annie was the only surviving puppy and we nursed with syringe feeds every 2 hours as she grew and could eat on her own. During the decade to follow Annie was always on the job as a mighty alpha girl who adored attention and ruled her area-mates with an iron paw. You had the feeling that if she trusted you, she would have been a dog who would sacrifice her life to defend you. Annie died suddenly and unexpectedly after falling into a coma in the morning, without any prior signs of illness. Her absence will forever echo through the hospital.

Chintu–well, now, Chintu was a different kind of hero. Partially paralysed from the neck down after surviving canine distemper as a puppy 6 years ago, Chintu’s astounding sparkle shined so brightly that even though he had major mobility issues, he convinced us that he would “manage” and boy, did he ever. A charmer of the highest order, one simply could not pass through Chintu’s area without being stopped by his insistent eyes and delightfully big ears, always laying flat in an attitude of utter gratitude–grateful for the day; grateful to be caressed; grateful for your love. Chintu became extremely ill with an acute systemic infection. We did everything we could to save him, including giving him the strongest antibiotics we could, oxygen, hydration drips and love, but his little body gave up Sunday. We will never stop missing him.

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Regards Mark

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