England: Shut Down Hewitt Slaughterhouse – Planned Events and Actions (If You Cannot Attend, Send A Letter) – Link Provided.


Following on from our very recent post about mass abuses at an English slaughterhouse:

England: ‘Shocking’ Animal Abuse Recorded At Government-Approved Abattoir, Investigation Reveals. – World Animals Voice

England: Hewitt Slaughterhouse Abuses. WAV Now Write To Government Minister Responsible and Also To Food Standards Agency Re Veterinarian. – World Animals Voice

England: WAV Follow Up With Letter To Relevant Authorities Re English Slaughterhouse Abuses Filmed On CCTV. – World Animals Voice

We can now confirm that things are ramping up in an attempt to close this hell hole for animals down, permanently !

Dear Mark,

We have a number of events coming up and we need YOUR support! Following our undercover investigation of Hewitt slaughterhouse in Cheshire, Animal Justice Project is taking action against this violent company and the UK government in a series of online actions and demonstrations. Will you join us?

During our 200-hour undercover investigation, our cameras caught despicable acts of animal cruelty. Panic-stricken sheep were dragged to the kill room by their horns, where ineffective stunning rendered them conscious as they were slaughtered. A pair of gentle bulls were jabbed over 200 times with a pointed stick and an electric prod, by the slaughterhouse manager himself. Our cameras watched on as a conscious, tiny piglet was hurled into the scalding tank, where they were left to drown.

These illegal acts of violence were commonplace and were carried out right in front of the slaughterhouse’s own CCTV and in the presence of a Food Standards Agency-appointed Official Veterinarian. It is clear that government initiatives are failing to deter illegalities, allowing companies such as Hewitt to flout UK law.

On Friday 30th July, Animal Justice Project are heading to Hewitt slaughterhouse to demand that they are urgently closed down. Placards and banners will be provided to activists, who are invited to join us from 11am-1pm.

Location: G. & G. B. Hewitt slaughterhouse, CH3 9BH

Following our demonstration, we will move to Chester city centre to spread the word about this bloodbath of a slaughterhouse and urge locals to take action. This will be an outreach-style event, with leafletting and placards. Activists can join us at 2pm-4pm, even if they cannot make the earlier event at the slaughterhouse

Location: Eastgate Street, Chester, CH1 1LE

If you can’t make it to our demonstration, you can still join our online events! Taking action for animals is just a click away!

On Thursday 22nd July from 4pm-6pm, our team will be demanding an end to the public funding of slaughterhouses and calling for an immediate, independent review of The Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (England) Regulations 2015. We will be tweeting our demands to Boris Johnson, who must be held accountable for the government’s failure to ‘protect’ animals from illegal acts of cruelty inside UK slaughterhouses.

You can use our pre-written tweets, which will be sent next Thursday morning via email. You can also join our Facebook event here, so that you receive a notification when the event is starting. Our online actions help us to share our undercover footage with the public, who have the option to help or harm animals with their daily choices. Online outreach is so quick and simple, so please do join us next Thursday.

Take Action – Animal Justice Project

Have you sent our letter yet? Our pre-written letter to the Environmental Secretary, George Eustice, makes the following demands:

  1. An urgent and independent review of the Welfare of Animals at the Time of Killing (England) Regulations 2015 (WATOK), following the failure and inaction of the legislation’s January 2021 industry-led review.
  2. Halt public funding to slaughterhouses under the Agriculture Act, including small slaughterhouses that the government has deemed ‘critical’; and channel funding instead into plant-based agriculture.

Send our letter:

Take Action – Animal Justice Project

Join and share Facebook events here:

(20+) Shut Down Hewitt Slaughterhouse Two-Part Event! | Facebook

Our latest investigation has been months in the making and we can’t wait to take action with our dedicated supporters. It is vital that we seek justice for the innocent animals dying everyday inside Hewitt slaughterhouse. Please keep an eye out for further updates on our latest campaign, Scammed! A System Built to Fail Animals.

As always,

For the animals.
Ayrton Cooper,
Senior Campaigner

One thought on “England: Shut Down Hewitt Slaughterhouse – Planned Events and Actions (If You Cannot Attend, Send A Letter) – Link Provided.”

  1. Up to date with 2022 footage.. Have they taken any action at all.. I cannot find a reprive even as the priest /surely man has feeling enough to understand this is not acceptable. These animals are screaming inside to live .. No words to explani how i feel.. Less meat more veg


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