India: July Rescue Videos From Friends At ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.

Above – The wonderful AAU Crew.

From Erika and all our crew friends at Animal Aid Unlimited, India.

Dear Mark,

Massage, brushing, and giving cuddles can play a major role in an animals’ recovery.

There is a proven correlation between contact with animals and human health benefits and the same healing benefits are shared by animals who experience kindness and love.

The fact that human-animal companionship affects heart rate and blood pressure are impressive. But seeing the simple happiness sparkling in their eyes is enough for us.

Giving love isn’t extra here, it’s essential, and your help makes it all possible.

Bessie howled in pain and fear. But suddenly, she wagged her tail!

Hiding in pain and wailing when touched, this precious girl had been hit by a car,her hind leg was fractured and she had deep lacerations.

But as soon as she understood she was safe in the arms of her rescuer,she stopped howling and to our surprise, started to wag her tail instead. And when we eased her pain with medication, wound dressing, splint and surgery, she gave us the most beautiful reward: non-stop smiles filled with love throughout the coming weeks of her healing.

Bessie is one of the tender souls who lives life so full of love and appreciation. Thank you for helping her heal. Please donate today.

It took Shabi weeks to recover from a head injury, but his sweetness never missed a beat!

Stumbling and circling, this beautiful little one had a brain injury after he was hit by a passing car.

Shabi’s tender-hearted neighbors saw his disorientation and called us to the rescue. His breathing was distressed and rapid and we worried that he might be bleeding internally. The first job was to stabilize his breathing; we gave him oxygen and medicine to help him breathe. Regaining his balance and orientation would take weeks.

We are so grateful that his brain damage isn’t permanent but his adorable charm sure is. Meet Shabi now, one of the world’s sweetest souls.

Help young angels wag their tails for many years to come. Please donate today.

Your animals deserve treats and so do YOU!

Your purchase helps save the lives of ill and injured street animals.

Shop Now – Animal Aid Unlimited Shop

We thank you deeply for all you do, are, and inspire for animals.

Founding family Erika, Claire and Jim, and the Animal Aid Unlimited team.

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