Serbia: Onyx Is In Need Of Help To Pay Veterinary Costs.

Serbian Flag

onyx 1


Onyx was found lying motionless in an empty box of chips near a busy road. Since he had been neutered, we presumed that he had an owner who would try to find him, so we decided to take in this poor broken kitty boy for the time being. As usual, no one stepped up, so we took him to the vet even though we knew that his vet bills would be enormous. We couldn’t merely stand by and just let him suffer.

His pelvis is shattered, one of his rear legs and his tail are dangling, there’s blood in his urine and he sustained an injury to the head. He hasn’t eaten for more than 24 hours and he is quite skinny, so a nasal gastric tube was inserted into his nose and he is being fed liquid recovery cat food every hour. If the vets manage to stabilize him enough, they will perform a myelography in order to determine the severity of his spinal injury, but the test cost around 100 euros and our debts at the vet are higher than 1000 euros already.
onyx 2

Is anyone willing and able to contribute towards Onyx’s vet bills? His owner obviously doesn’t care about him, but maybe somewhere out there, there is a cat lover that does. As much as we’d like to try and help him, and at least give him a chance, we can’t do anything without your help. He’s fighting so hard to keep his life, please help make it happen for him if you can. Every tiny bit helps!!

onyx 3

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