The baron loses his throne!


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Hunt enemies destroy high seats and hang up brand letters

In the district of Schwandorf (Bavarian), radical hunting opponents hang out threatening letters against hunters for weeks. Six high seats have now been destroyed in the area.

Hochsitz zerstört jpg

Torn up high seats, damage in four-figure height, leaflets on the trees – in the district of Schwandorf (Bavaria) again radical hunting opponents are up to mischief. Six pulpits have destroyed unknown persons in one night in the area of Maximilian Freiherr von Wiedersperg at the end of October. Presumably with a vehicle as a tractor, the seats were torn from their anchorages and overturned.

Brand letters: “Animal Killer”

Several weeks earlier, more than 20 leaflets were stacked on tree-lined footpaths in the area where hunters were labeled as “murderers” and “brutal animal abusers.” The destroyed high seats are not the first property damage to Revier facilities in the area. As early as 2014 unknown people sawed tall ladders and posts. In May last year even a residence was blown up. The baron (!!!), however, does not start from targeted actions against him. Damages were also reported from other areas, the injured party told the editors.

The police secured traces, but the evaluation would take some time, so a spokesman told the editors. The police asks for information from the population.

Aha… First of all, one thing must be clear:
For 80 years, the nobility in Germany has officially been abolished. Since then, aristocratic associations have worked to ensure that nobody notices it.
But the activists have already noticed it!
And reminded the hunter (without “baron”) that wrong titles and wrong seats have to be taken out of circulation.

My best regards, Venus

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