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Release Winter 2018:

Dear Mark,

I love writing your Release newsletter. It always delights me when I see the fantastic progress you are making for animals. 

From the Welsh Government announcing it will ban wild animal circuses; to SEA LIFE finally bowing to pressure and retiring the beluga whales to a sanctuary… you have made all of this possible!  


Read Release here: www.freedomforanimals.org.uk/release-newsletter


It has been over six months since we changed the name and look of our organisation from ‘Captive Animals’ Protection Society to ‘Freedom for Animals’. And I hope you can see that we are still fighting for animals and still making a difference in the same way. 

Making a difference for animals like Little White and Little Grey, the beluga whales who now, thanks to you, will no longer be exploited in cruel shows and will instead make it back to the ocean where they belong.

Wow! A huge, multinational company has bowed to pressure from YOU and other animal advocates. This doesn’t happen every day! 

With your help, we launched our Shine a Light campaign this year. To be able to tell the complex and always sad stories of the animals we are all fighting to free.

And I am delighted to say that it is starting to make a difference. We have been out at events with the campaign cards and have found that people are really touched by the stories as they start to see the suffering behind these industries.

Finally I am excited to share a brand new way that you can help animals: by becoming a Freedom Champion! By setting up a monthly gift to animals, you can ensure we can plan ahead and always be there for animals in the future.


So, check out your copy of Release. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Thank you again.


Best wishes,

Nicola O’Brien

Campaigns Director

P.S. Thank you so much for another fantastic few months of action for animals.

Your actions are seeing results that the animals so desperately need.


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