Animal rights and the responsibility of the individual


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(From Helmut F. Kaplan (Austrian animal ethicist and philosopher)

“Animals are my friends … and I do not eat my friends,” said George Bernard Shaw.
Not only does it sound logical, but it is – and means nothing more than: animal lovers must become vegans!

On the other hand is often objected: It may indeed be correct in principle, no animals to eat. But if I’m going to become a single vegan now, that does not change anything, that’s not important at all. Who says that, should remember:

Every day thousands of people are killed in the world. So it would not matter if I killed one too. Nevertheless, we do not think and act that way!

The animal industry is not the only area where things pass that we condemn, without being able to directly influence them right now: the arms race, for example, was no different. What did those do who opposed it? They have demonstrated against it. To become a vegan is also a kind of demonstration: It demonstrates that it is wrong to torture and kill sentient beings for such banal purposes as our tastes. Here, veganism is not just a demonstration, but the most important and urgent one: No one can convince another of the correctness of a thing that he does not practice himself!

None of the great movements against injustice and oppression, such as against slavery, racism or sexism, would ever have been brought to life (let alone be successful) if their representatives had only fought if they were sure of their success!

parallele Sklaverei Tier mensch_n

For all the great crimes of human history, the participants have subsequently justified themselves in this way: what should I have done as an individual? It was not all about me!

Of course it is all about each individual: Who does not become part of the solution, remains part of the problem! But anyone can stop participating in this slaughter of animals at any time. Anyone can immediately stop participating in this war against the innocent and the defenseless.

If you care about animals don`t eat them_n

(Translation: Venus, with best regards)

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