CoverGirl Becomes Largest Cosmetics Company Ever to Go Cruelty-free!

CoverGirl Becomes Largest Cosmetics Company Ever to Go Cruelty-free!

Posted by Kristen Arnim | November 12, 2018


CoverGirl makeup just went cruelty free! Thousands of animals will now be spared a life of suffering in a laboratory merely for our own vanity.

As consumers grow more and more conscious of the rights of animals, in food as well as all the other products that appear in our daily lives, companies are forced to become more transparent and make shifts in production. CoverGirl is now the largest makeup brand to eliminate animal testing and will be an important example for others!

The “Leaping Bunny” certification from the organization Cruelty Free International guarantees that no animal testing occurs in the creation of CoverGirl’s cosmetics. Every step of the way is cruelty free, meaning products and ingredients from third party companies must not use animal testing as well as the brand itself. It took CoverGirl months to prove qualification, assuring that hundreds of suppliers were also cruelty free.

In a statement from CoverGirl’s chief marketing officer of consumer beauty, Ukonwa Ojo, the importance of this move is illustrated. “If we can do it with our size and with our capability and with our complexity … every brand can do this.”

Coty, CoverGirl’s parent company, also owns Max Factor and Rimmel and plans on those brands eventually becoming cruelty-free as well. Once consumers start choosing brands based on whether or not they test on animals, other major brands are likely to follow suit.

Testing on animals has been a long-standing and cruel practice in cosmetics. Animals such as mice and rabbits are used to test for short term and long term effects from the chemicals in makeup. Innocent creatures are subjected to ailments from skin and eye irritation to cancer. Toxic substances are rubbed into eyes and shaved skin or force fed to test reactions. Even amounts strong enough to cause death are administered. No pain relief or the chance at a comfortable life are offered to these animals. Once their usefulness as test subjects has ended, they are killed and disposed of.

Watch out for brands that claim to be cruelty free but don’t have the certification. LadyFreethinker reported on instances where companies claim to not test on animals, but don’t actually check up on their suppliers.




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