India: Amazing Animal Rescues From ‘Animal Aid Unlimited’.


animal aid unlimited india

Olaf’s wound was so deep his ribs were exposed, but meet this happy boy today!

This was one of the most appalling wounds we’ve ever seen. A donkey, wandering in the street, was found with his chest slashed open by a gaping wound so deep it exposed his ribs. We weren’t sure he could survive, but we knew we had to try to help him. We hurried him back to our hospital and began what would become 6 weeks of daily wound dressing. Watch this astounding rescue, hold on to your heart, and stay with us til the very happy ending.

Terribly wounded animals can be happy again with your help. Please donate today.


Sweetest puppy with extremely painful infected eye rescued

This little sweetheart was broken-hearted in pain from a terribly infected eye. The kind man who was feeding him called us because the puppy’s inflamed, enormous eye was almost double the size of the other one. The sorrowful and so-so serious look on this angel’s face told us how urgently he needed help. Back in Animal Aid, we immediately started him on a course of antibiotic eye drops and made sure to give him lots of cuddles while he healed. And this eager little trooper paid us back, with love. Meet Peepers today.

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Dog choking on his own blood rescued after accident


A river of blood made a heartbreaking pool as this gentle sweetheart struggled to breathe through the gurgling clots after he suffered a head injury, probably caused by a car accident. We rushed him back to Animal Aid’s hospital where his examination revealed that although he had no fractures, he was no longer able to hold his head up or stand without support. Weeks of physiotherapy followed and with each passing day, this gentle hero grew sweeter. Meet Moonbeam today.

Please donate to save more precious victims like Moonbeam.



Celebrate the Staff: Deendayal!  


The saying “if you want to get something done, ask a busy person” was made with Deendayal Gora in mind. His motto is a simple “yes” whether arranging a vehicle for a buffalo accident 50 km far or getting an electrician for a light repair at 11 pm at night; from ordering blankets to lodging a cruelty case with police! We want to honor him today for his 4 years of service, for being the guy you call in the middle of the night when a leopard has jumped into the shelter and, or call in middle of the day when the water pump has busted. He is magically able to be two places at one time. We don’t have a title for his position because we can’t make one long enough. Thank you DD!


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Darling Luna has a condition called cerebullar hypoplasia, from inadequate development of the part of her brain that controls motor functions. This means that she has very wobbly legs and it’s hard for her to balance.

But this doesn’t stop Luna from being one of the most playful and loving girls we’ve ever met. She is all heart, and even though she falls down, gets covered in her food when she eats, and has to try extra hard just to stay standing in one place, she is full of determination and joy.

Luna could never survive on the street, so she relies on sponsorships from caring supporters like you to give her a life-long home full of love and care at Animal Aid.

Sponsor Luna today!


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