Once Stone Age, always Stone Age?

*From Helmut.F.Kaplan, Austrian philosopher and animal ethicist


österreichische Flagge


Once upon a time we were helplessly exposed to heat, cold and wet and glad to find shelter in a cave. Today we have highly functional clothes and well insulated houses.

Once we were laboriously and dangerously moving from one place to another. Today we have convenient, safe and fast transportation.

We once died prematurely from untreated or poorly treated injuries or illnesses. Today we have modern hospitals where most of these injuries and illnesses can be easily treated or cured.

Stein Zeit Fotojpg

Once upon a time, we ruled conflicts with brute force by simply killing each other. Today, we have a sophisticated legal system that strives for impartial, just solutions.

Once upon a time, we had to devote all energy to somehow survive. Today, we are engaged in science and enjoy cultural activities and works that add a whole new dimension to our lives.

We once fed on bloody corpses of barbarously slaughtered animals. Today – we still do that!

Our diet is the only area where nothing has changed for millennia. Every time we sit down to eat, we turn into Stone Age people.


(Translation: Venus, with best regards)

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