A souvenir: bottles with baby sharks!




Whenever we think, it can not get any worse … dead baby sharks as a souvenir!!
They still exist in Miami Beach. The sharks are said to be by-products of commercial fishing. They are not thrown back into the sea, but bottled with an alcohol solution and then sold to tourists!

Baby Sharks on Glass jpg
So not only in Asia you can find horrible souvenirs, but also in the USA.
In Hong Kong we found dried shark fins everywhere. More than a third are from endangered or threatened sharks! Although the largest shark fishing nation is Indonesia, Hong Kong is the big trading center!

 Shark finning means the removal of the dorsal fin. Millions of sharks have so far been broken up alive and mutilated back into the sea, where they die from suffocation or are eaten by other carnivores.


When dried, shark fins were also offered on the markets in Hong Kong. In so-called herbal shops, they are also sold as medicine. A commodity that causes a bloody trail of destruction of the marine ecosystem.


Statistik über Haienn

In 2016, sharks killed 4 people.
In the same year, people killed 100,000,000 sharks (PETA).


And now …these unspeakable bottles of dead baby sharks in Miami Beach! Specially, for illiterate tourists who, when they drive back to their country, will tell that they have finally captured the world’s most dangerous fish in a bottle for ever and ever!!

My best regards, Venus


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