The suffering of the bears in the circus


Vietnam flagge


Research by Animals Asia reveals the destructive torments, exploitation and violence faced by endangered bears, elephants and orangutans in Vietnam’s shameful animal circuses. Sign the petition now.

Bär auf Motorrad pg

One has put him in a skirt and muzzled. His eyes are wide with fear. As a moon bear, he is one of the endangered species. Here he is forced to drive a scooter. The ever-present whip of his trainer is a permanent reminder of what happens when the poor bear does not cooperate.

This timid moon bear is just one of the many desperate animals that must live a life of pain, misery and fear in the shameful circuses in Vietnam.

It is indisputable: In the animal circuses of Vietnam, moon bears, macaques, elephants and even orangutans suffer from daily exploitation.

For a long time they are imprisoned or chained. Through intimidation, coercion and violence they are trained. As a result of the intense, inescapable stress many hurt themselves.

-zirkusbaeren-wildtierhaltungThat’s not China, not Vietnam, that’s in Europe


In addition, Animals Asia has to keep in mind the papers of the endangered species (including moon bears, orangutans and elephants). Without papers, it would very likely be illegal hunted and trapped animals.

Although Animals Asia has shared these shocking discoveries with the Vietnamese government, nothing has been done so far.

Bolivia, Costa Rica, Greece, Croatia and Scotland are already on the ever-growing list of countries that have completely banned cruel wildlife circuses. For Vietnam, it is time to follow their example.

Animals Asia is ready in Vietnam to assist with each and every rescue of these circus animals. For the bears, there is room in the organization’s own award-winning rescue center and for the elephants in the partner Elephant Sanctuary.

Please appeal NOW to the Vietnamese Government for the wildlife circuses to be closed and the animals to be given a home in rescue centers.


The video by PETA shows how small bears, from the time of their children, are trained for the circus. Although the video is from China, but we here, the so-called civilized Europeans do not do it much better.

My Comment: Below is a list, with the countries in the EU that have total or partial wildlife prohibition in the circus. Germany is not in the list. Because Germany still allows wild animals in the circus as a laugh attraction for idiots!

Oh! Germany! You, the rich country with the best animal protection in Europe, you have demoted yourself in a circus of corrupt and disgusting cooperation partner of the circus mafia.

Belgium: General ban on wildlife.
Bosnia-Herzegovina: General ban on wildlife.
Bulgaria: General ban on wildlife.
Denmark: General prohibition of wild animals. The last 3 elephants are allowed to stay in the circus.
England: General ban on wildlife from 2020.
Estonia: General ban on wildlife.
Finland: Prohibition of monkeys, predators, elephants, hippos, rhinos, marsupials, seals, crocodiles, birds of prey, ostriches, wild forms of ruminants and equine animals.
Greece: ban on all animal species.
Ireland: General ban on wildlife.
Italy: In November 2017, the Italian Parliament decides to ban animals in circuses and touring exhibitions. The ban is to be implemented by regulation within the next 12 months.
Croatia: General prohibition of wild animals.
Latvia: General ban on wildlife.
Luxembourg: General ban on wildlife.
Macedonia: General ban on wildlife.
Malta: ban on all animal species.
Netherlands: General ban on wildlife.
Norway: General prohibition of wild animals.
Austria: General prohibition of wild animals.
Portugal: In October 2018, the Portuguese parliament passed a new law prohibiting all wild animals in the circus from 2024 onwards.
Poland: ban on wild animals born in the wild.
Romania: General prohibition of wild animals from June 2017 (with 18-month transitional period).
Scotland: General ban on wildlife.
Sweden: Prohibition of monkeys, predators, rhinos, giraffes, kangaroos, hippos, seals, birds of prey, ostriches, crocodiles, fallow deer. From April 2019, elephants and sea lions are also banned.
Serbia: General ban on wildlife.
Slovakia: General prohibition of wild animals.
Slovenia: General ban on wildlife.
Czech Republic: Prohibition of newborn monkeys, seals, whales (excluding dolphins), rhinos, hippos, giraffes.
Hungary: ban on elephants, rhinos and primates. Prohibition of new wild catch and ban on species listed in Appendix 1 of CITES.
Wales: In July 2018, the Welsh Government announced that it would introduce a wildlife banning law over the next 12 months.
Cyprus: ban on all animal species.

Worldwide Prohibition

Bolivia: ban on all animal species.
Costa Rica: General ban on wildlife.
Ecuador: Prohibition of performances that mean suffering, injury or humiliation to wildlife. Ban on domestic wildlife in circuses. Entry ban for wildlife circuses. Prohibition of performances that mean suffering and torture in animals during training. Breeding ban for exotic wild animals.
El Salvador: General ban on wildlife.
Guatemala: ban on all animal species.
Honduras: ban on all animal species.
India: General ban on wildlife.
Iran: General ban on wildlife.
Israel: General ban on wildlife.
Colombia: General ban on wildlife.
Lebanon: General ban on certain species.
Mexico: General ban on wildlife.
Panama: Entry ban for wildlife circuses.
Paraguay: General ban on wildlife.
Peru: General ban on wildlife.
Singapore: General ban on wildlife.
Taiwan: Ban on importing and exporting protected species for circuses.



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