England: Northern Vegan Festival – and Dolma Perfumes; the Best Smelling Without Any Cruelty.



WAV Comment – should be a great meeting on the 6th – take it from us, Dolma perfumes are pretty amazing; wonderful smelling perfumes and aftershaves – if they can do it by being cruelty free and still smell amazing, then why cant the rest ? – click on the following link for their website / range – better still, buy some ! – Mark.



To all our valued customers,

We are excited to share with you our participation in the Manchester Northern Vegan Festival 6th April as our first time ever real-world event! As you know, Dolma is an online business and this will be our first time to venture into real time. If you are planning to go or want to know more – see link below for more information. Please come and see us, it would be a wonderful opportunity to meet our customers and make some new ones!

Northern Vegan Festival – UK Vegan Events

Look forward to seeing you there.

The Dolma Team

NVF 3.png



Customers who don’t want their money to fund animal cruelty are able to buy from Dolma with a clear conscience.

Standing up for standards

Our fragrances are cruelty free.

What does this mean?

They come with a globally recognised guarantee showing that Dolma Perfumes has completed an independent audit (the most stringent in the business) proving a genuine commitment to end animal testing for their products.

They are approved by the Vegan Society, Cruelty Free International, Animal Aid, Dr Hadwen Trust, and Naturewatch for meeting their cruelty-free standards.

We are listed on the Vegan Village list of vegan run companies in the UK.

All Dolma Vegan Perfumes are approved under the The Humane Cosmetics Standard.


Trusted Nature Ltd

We are an independent British company.

There is no parent company and we have no association with any organisation that conducts animal testing or uses animal derived ingredients.

Many people are unaware animals are suffering for them to smell good.

Well-known within the vegan and vegetarian community, Dolma is a favourite of caring customers who want to smell nice while knowing animals don’t suffer in the process.



Dolma is committed to using recyclable materials wherever possible to reduce waste and pollution.

As an ethical business, we are continuously reviewing suppliers, products and packaging to make sure we run our company in the most eco-friendly way possible. We avoid using excess packaging in our deliveries to make sure we cause the least possible damage to the environment.


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