We need “direct action everywhere”!



Watch what happens when a bunch of activists go on a dairy farm tour…

The university of Florida held an event called “family day at the dairy farm” where they gave us a tour of the farm and explained all the terrors that happen there.

We watched as they taught kids how to artifically inseminate a cow, and as they showed off a baby that was removed from his mothers body at the slaughterhouse. We listened to them brag about the fistulated cow, and how their cows are “better for the environment”, we gave love to the orphaned cows who wanted to suckle so badly, and we said we’re sorry to the hundreds of mothers who already lost their babies, and to the mothers currently pregnant, who will soon lose their babies too.

After bearing witness and documenting the animals, we caused a disruption. No animals deserve to go through their life in such a terrible place, being looked at as nothing more than a number, a product with an expiration date.

All animals deserve happiness and freedom.

animals are friends, not foodpg
We organzied this event under Orlando Animal Save and Direct Action Everywhere – Orlando

A big  ” Thank You” to the activists!

Best regards, Venus

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