Germany: finally a historical judgment for a mass murder!




A farmer was sentenced on Friday in Ulm (West germany) because of animal cruelty to three years imprisonment. Animal rights activists of SOKO Organisation had uncovered the abuses in a pigsty in Merklingen ( West Germany).



The Judge Oliver Chama spoke in his verdict in the district court Ulm ( West Germany) of a “mass animal hell” that lasted for months instead of mass animal farming. The farmer accepted the sentence with his head bowed.

Films shown as proof (published on 19.10.2016


The 56-year-old farmer from Merklingen (Alb-Donau-Kreis, West Germany) is responsible for the deaths of a total of 1,600 pigs due to catastrophic conditions in the completely overcrowded and filthy stables, the court said Friday. They found carcasses, bitten off tails, shredded ears. In addition, the defendant killed two animals with a hammer.

schweine-stvImage: SOKO


Animal rights activists welcomed the verdict as “historical”. “For the first time in Germany an industrial animal owner was sentenced to prison for animal cruelty,” said the founder and chairman of the association of Soko animal protection, Friedrich Mülln. “Finally, a judge has dared to break a taboo and severely punish grievances in industrial livestock farming.”

Closure: 160 animals had to be killed immediately after becoming aware of the abuses, the operation was closed. The accused, who was confessed, received a lifelong animal keeping ban. The judge cited the “rudeness” of the farmer: he had inflicted considerable pain and suffering on animals.

From a “historical judgment in Ulm” animal rights activists speak of the “miracle of Merklingen”, of a “breakthrough”.  Ulm District Court on 15 March 2019 sentenced a pigmeat from Merklingen for animal cruelty to a prison sentence of three years. With “Oh, finally,” many would have welcomed the verdict, says Friedrich Mülln, spokesman for the association Soko Animal Welfare, who testified in the process as a witness. The Soko had revealed in 2016 the catastrophic abuses in the pigsty.


For the first time in Germany, a prison sentence for crimes under the Animal Welfare Act in industrial livestock has been imposed, explains Mülln. Therefore “Ulm is so special”, the judge “courageous”. The outcome of the procedure “causes panic in pet owners,” he is sure. With a suspended sentence, the farmer would have gotten away with “unscathed”: “Then the deterrence would have failed.”

friedrich Mülln bei emopgimage: SOKO

The prosecutor had demanded a milder probation sentence: that the farmer was confessed and unpaid, must be appreciated. He has appealed, as well as his defense. The case will be reopened at Ulm Regional Court – possibly only in 2020.

Often in Germany no procedure is opened, says Mülln – that’s 26 years of fighting for animal rights in his experience.

The farmer’s sentencing to imprisonment is an important step, says Mülln. But even more he sees veterinary offices in the duty, which he accuses complete “failure”. Stall controls – on average every four years – are usually pre-announced, overcrowded stalls are still considered a minor offense. “We always come to it only when veterinary offices fail. ” Veterinarians are a big problem, says Mülln. “They know which companies are the worst.” But there is a law of silence throughout the industry.
My comment: All this is not in China! it is in Germany! And it is the standard business model of the meat mafia whose employees are usually freed from any guilt, no matter how big or how small the crimes they commit against animals are.

And the evildoers, this disgusting peasants’ association, are mainly working with EU subsidies and our tax money and are under the protection of politicians and local communities who regard animals as a cash-making factory and torture them to the most hideous.
Hopefully the verdict of the Ulm court will lead to a stricter control in the farms and a certain inhibition against the sadism of the slaveholders.

My best regards, Venus




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