Animal rights and slavery


österreichische Flagge


By Helmut.F. Kaplan, Austrian philosopher and animal ethicist*

The “Salzburger Nachrichten” Newspaper was published on November 24, 1994, and nothing has changed in the animal-disdaining leaf line to this day:

“The autumn bull market in Pinzgau (Austria) has a decades-long tradition in Maishofen. Also this year, hundreds of visitors from home and abroad came to the big event of the cattle breeders. Out of 60 offered bulls, 58 were sold at an average price of 30,000 Schillins (today will be payed 5,000 Euro for the best slave, note from Venus) per animal.

The leader was ‘Winston’.

The 15-month-old bull of the breeder Franz Gumpold from Saalfelden was acquired by the cattle breeding club Rauris by 84,000 Schilling. The picture in Newspaper  shows breeder Gumpold ‘Winston’ in the arena of the auction hall Maishofen on 1994. ”

csm_IMG_4040_8d36ea6f7dthe winners in Pinzgau autumn bull market of 2018


The parallels between former slave markets and today’s animal auctions are so obvious that it is actually incomprehensible how they can not be seen by someone.
For the animals that are our slaves today, life is a continuous and inescapable nightmare.
Everything that torments us in the worst fantasies is a terrible reality for the enslaved animals. Daily, nocturnal, lifelong reality. Only death, which usually surpasses the horrors of life, ends the hell we prepare for animals on earth.

verdreckte Rinderg

All wickedness, primitiveness, and evilness to which men are capable, must be endured by innocent and defenseless animals.

We are the only real devils compared to whom all the other devils are harmless bunglers and sympathetic dilettantes.


Translation and best regards from Venus

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