Australia: A Promise To Strengthen Laws for Dairy Cows.


      BIG NEWS: A promise to strengthen laws for dairy cows

In the lead-up to the Federal Election being called, Labor has committed to rectifying the double-standard in Australia’s live export laws that makes exporters legally accountable for the treatment of one group of animals, but leaves thousands of ‘breeder’ and ‘dairy’ cows — arguably, the most vulnerable — utterly exposed.

Mark, images of sick and dying dairy cows exported by Australia’s live export industry have shocked us all. Since I wrote to you, thousands of people have called on the government to close the loophole that, for too long, has excluded these vulnerable animals from basic protections under live export laws.

We had to ensure this appalling situation was a catalyst for change. And it’s close to being just that.

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Labor’s commitment could be game-changing for so many animals. It could not only prevent a repeat of the suffering unfolding right now in Sri Lanka, but the additional layer of accountability on exporters could also impact the viability of sending these animals overseas in the first place.

Mark, if yours was one of the thousands of emails that helped catapult this issue onto the political agenda — thank you. We hope the government matches this commitment.

I appreciate that when it comes to political lobbying especially, you may wonder if your ongoing — and often repeated — actions are making a difference. Progress like this is proof that they are 🙂

I can definitively say, after 20 years in this field, that if there is one thing that pays off for animals — it is persistence. We are so close to major outcomes now, because every time we are told ‘no’, we hear ‘try harder’. And because we do — and because you stay with us — animals have hope, like never before.

For the animals,

Lyn White AM
Investigations Director


P.S. Labor’s pre-election commitment is fantastic, but obviously the situation for the animals right now in Sri Lanka is still dire. Our expert has just arrived and is already providing much needed assistance. We’ll keep you informed of any developments.


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