Revenge is sweet




The ” horrendous” moment a lion attacks his trainer while cruelly performing in a circus has been caught on camera and it’s really awful (!!!)

The terrifying situation was filmed by a tourist as they watched the torturous circus in Lviv, Ukraine, causing mass outrage among viewers.

lion in Ukraine-2

Another lion turns on (slave) trainer Oleksiy Pinko and for a few moments, he completely disappears beneath the powerful creatures.

Frantically, Pinko tries to push the lions back with a metal rod, but one of the beasts rears up and bites him in the leg, while another locks his strong jaws around his arm.

The audience, which contained hundreds of people, including children, start to scream in horror while other trainers use water hoses and metal bars to pry the lions of Pinko who was feeling the full wrath of the big cats.

lion-web Ukraine

His arm, leg and back were mauled and clawed before he managed to fight the animal off. After a fearsome battle, Pinko manages to make his escape away from the angry pair and emerges limping and dripping with blood!

The watchers, however, seem to be and understandably more on the side of the meanly kept lions.

A witness said:

I was just grabbing my daughter and trying to run because I thoght they were going to get us!

One said:

“The use of wild animals in the circus needs to be banned”.

Another added:

“I’m sorry but I’m totally on the side of the lions here. It’s shocking making them try to perform”.


This is the “terrifying” moment a lion suddenly attacked a circus trainer in front of a large audience of children and parents in Ukraine.

Kouta – from Egypt who has worked in Russian circuses for many years – fought off the lion which then retreated

He then faced up to it as the predator eyed him for a new attack. Finally, the big cat retreated and ran out of the ring to its cage.

A mother watching with her two children said: ‘My heart stopped when the lion pounced at the trainer”!!!

‘I called up one lion, and the second one attacked me from the front,’ said Kouta afterwards as he showed his scratches.

‘I stopped him in the middle of the ring calmed him down but he refused to return to his sitting position. I stepped backwards, there was a stand behind me, I hit it and fell.

‘The lion jumped at me and bit me – but thank God not on my neck . He immediately let me go. My back, arm and leg were hurt.

He works (!!!) with ten lions and all those in the ring returned to their cages immediately after the shocking attack, he said.

Despite his injuries, Pinko made a full recovery and has been seen performing in the circus among the big cats since.

And I mean: The slave lion has told us, with his behavior, everything about his long torture.
That he, as a youngster, was captured and imprisoned. That his “education” was nothing but the breaking of his will through constant brute force, isolation, dirty, tight cages.
All this we have learned in this number.

We bow to you, Leo.
We solidarize with you, and fight every day so that your conspecific no longer have to suffer under the circus mafia (including complicity).
If there was a just judgment, you would appear there as a freedom fighter, not as a beast, as the dirty press has labeled you.
And you would have on your side a thousand civilized militants who, like you, fight for the end of slavery in the circus industry.

At the next attack hopefully the slave Leo extends the revenge in auditorium. For the love of justice!

My best regards, Venus


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