AIDS research: The senseless suffering of the monkeys


“Among people”: A film by Christian Rost and Claus Strigel


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Existence in six-square-meter boxes with no natural light and no contact with conspecifics: For years, forty chimpanzees from Sierra Leone have been illegally used as experimental animals for the development of AIDS and hepatitis vaccines. When the Austrian pharmaceutical company Immuno discontinues the experiments after 15 years without result, a rehabilitation project is launched.

At the far end of Austria near the czech boarder one of the most special places on earth can be found. At this focal point the moral challenges of our civilisation collide: guilt, responsibility and compensation. In an abandoned safari park, hermetically sealed off from the rest of the world live these fourty chimpanzees formerly used in pharmaceutical experiments. Infected with HIV and hepatitis viruses. Traumatized, deranged and highly aggressive.

They hate humans and have every reason to. Their guards are the same ones they already looked after in the lab. They have become emotionally close to them and become fellow prisoners. Now they accompany the primates in their first steps into a new life.

Today they manage the unique rehabilitation project, aiming to get the chimps out of their lifelong isolation into species appropriate groups.

The shocking fate of the chimpanzees is representative of that of all animals, which are tormented in the laboratories for a questionable benefit.

The “doctors against animal experiments” mean: “In AIDS, the first step does not work. Because there is virtually no species that develops the human form of immunodeficiency. After years of unsuccessful attempts, experiments with chimpanzees that are genetically very close to humans have largely been abandoned because they are immune to the pathogen.

The same applies to rhesus monkeys and other macaques, but one can infect these animals with SIV, the monkey AIDS pathogen.

However, monkey AIDS has virtually nothing to do with this human immunodeficiency disease.

Thus, it is attempted to find a therapy or vaccine for humans by infecting other animals with another virus that causes another disease. Nobody is surprised that AIDS is still not curable in such an approach.

Once infected with HIV or SIV, the monkeys are kept isolated, spending the rest of their lives in single cages, which are usually only slightly larger than themselves. For the active and social animals, this alone is an ordeal.


SIV infection often causes severe disease in macaques. The animals suffer from cancer or diseases of the stomach, intestine and lymph nodes. Many of them die from it. In other monkeys show no symptoms at all. They often have to live their lives for years under the torturous conditions….”

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Items: AIDS research on the wrong track:

Film: # Under people # against animal experiments #Aids #Aidsforschung

My comment: The fight against AIDS is a billion dollar market. The development of “new” agents at the expense of the animals does not help the patient. For biotech and pharmaceutical companies, the business is highly profitable. Investors earn money.

“These are “highly profitable products,” says Michael Fischer, head of the consulting firm Medical Strategy in Munich.

The more people are receiving medical treatment, the better for the pharmaceutical companies. According to a study by the US bank JP Morgan, global sales of AIDS drugs now amount to around five billion euros a year!!

Every war has its winners and its victims. The war against the HIV virus not only has humans as victims, but also animals. The winner is the Pharma mafia, as always.

“In the end it’s all about money, we have to see that very clearly.”

My best regards to all, Venus

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