Germany: Crime continues in slaughterhouses!


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This slaughterhouse in the district (Lower Saxony) has systematically slaughtered sick, severely injured animals and, under unlawful circumstances, already delivered dead animals. Completely destroyed dairy cows were dragged with rope winches into the animal transporters with the full consciousness of slaughterhouse employees.
On the farms, the old dairy cows, who could no longer walk, were dragged by cable winch into the vans – the animals had to suffer incredible pain here.

The images are from the period March and April 2019.

The meat is sold to a Polish meat company, a Bavarian meat company and to butchers in the area. In the industry one speaks of industrial meat or the meat “blue cows”. It ends up in sausages, burgers, kebabs and processed products.

The German dairy industry produces tens of thousands of so-called “downers” every year. The turbo cows have an expiry date and after 5 years these animals are ready. They can barely stand, collapse or eat anything. These animals had to be redeemed. Since both the emergency slaughter and the skinner cost money, one becomes “creative” and transports the animals across Germany to the only insiders known slaughterhouses.

SOKO Animal Protection has filed criminal charges against the parties and cooperates with the authorities. But the authorities are also part of the problem, because on 16 days of hidden camera use no inspector could be seen. The controls are gladly registered and one is with the supervisors “by you”.

Kuh mit Seil auf das AugeoImage: SOKO

Friedrich Mülln (SOKO Organisation) says about this documented scene:
“One of the worst scenes I have ever seen.
With the full power of the rope and over the exhausted body, the rope cuts into the eye of the cow. For minutes.
The farmer says: This is economy.
Everything for the milk ..”.

_kuh-2A slaughterhouse worker ruthlessly sprays the face of a sick cow to force her to stand up so that she dies.

In 2018, in two slaughterhouses in Lower Saxony and near Hanover, after the undercover documentation of the SOKO organization, cows were delivered that were so emaciated that they themselves could not take one more step.
Some animals were pulled with chains, others were hit with stun guns and not sufficiently stunned before the slaughter, so that they hung twitching on the hook.

(Our report about it at the time) :

die-staatsanwaltschaft-oldenburg-ermittelt-nun-kuhImage: SOKO

“Today, after almost a year, we find the same scenes that we documented back then in Lower Saxony and Hanover scenes, proves that such scenes are not the exception when dealing with sick and injured cows, but the rule” said Mülln.

The Lower Saxony Minister of Agriculture Otte-Kinast has launched an initiative in the Federal Council to make cameras in slaughterhouses mandatory.
But a video surveillance in the slaughterhouses looks Mülln skeptical.
“A video surveillance, as it is now planned, is completely meaningless,” says Friedrich Mülln from Animal welfare “SOKO”.
“If a vet is there and does not see violations of the welfare of the animals with their own eyes, even a camera eye does not help”.
“If video surveillance already exists,” he says, “civil society organizations, like us, need to be able to leaf through the material – in my opinion, in the ministry.”

schlachthof-726~_kuhpngImage: SOKO

From the media, however, we learn that the Lower Saxony Minister of Agriculture Barbara Otte-Kinast sees itself not in the responsibility, but raised in the current case, serious allegations against the farmers. “That was “criminal energy” that needed to be rigorously tackled” she says!!!

And of course she sees only the consumers (!!!) in danger!! The consumption of meat from sick and injured animals can be dangerous – the consequences range from diarrhea to food poisoning.

My comment:  How can such a thing happen … in our modern Germany ..asks the one, who always says:
I also eat little meat, but …
I am also against factory farming, but …
I’m really animal loving, but …

They originate primarily from the “good people”.

There is only one being who has the right to judge about animal crime: a being of great wisdom, foresight and infallibility. A being full of justice and kindness: Man himself!

Who will be  responsible for this crime? The politics, the veterinarians, the farmers, the animal transport companies, the slaughterhouses, the food industry or the consumers?  Who of those..all, one or none?

My best regards, Venus



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