England: Scary Diary – Loads of Cows Milk Free News From Viva !


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England – Moo Free May.

We have recently produced a separate post on a new ‘human milk’ from Sweden which is hitting the UK big time in a brand new advertising campaign – ‘milk’ which is great for human consumption, whilst quite rightly leaving cows milk to go exactly where it should go – feeding young baby cows rather than feeding humans.

Here is a link to this post – https://worldanimalsvoice.com/2019/04/14/oatly-has-a-great-idea/

watch the video

Following on from the great success to the campaign in 2018, Viva ! are now doing a ‘Moo Free May’ for this year.https://youtu.be/ZzsOmlljILM

We (Viva !) gave away around 500 cappuccinos per event and 400 “Everyone’s Going Dairy-Free” guides to provide people with all the support they need to help make the simple switch to plant-based alternatives.

Many people were unaware of how many different dairy milk alternatives there are available in high-street coffee shops or how delicious they really are! Some claimed that our Viva!ccino was better than their usual Starbucks coffee, with many claiming the oat milk we used was far creamier than cow’s milk.

Read more and see pictures:


All you need to know about going dairy-free, including how to shop and cook!

Compiled by Viva!’s very own vegan kitchenista – Maryanne Hall – this delicious guide guarantees to rock your dairy-free and vegan lifestyle!

Perfect for anyone who wants to cut dairy out of their diet and explore the amazingly tasty world of dairy-free alternatives. Features 95 pages full of recipes, handy charts on calcium-rich foods, shopping tips, Viva!’s top dairy-free secrets and more!

Updated 2018.

Download your free ‘scarydairy’ guide here:



You can read about all the Vivacity work this month by visiting the following link:


Regards Mark.


watch the video

Watch this great video from Stacey – the reality of the dairy industry:

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