Brazil: hunters and corrupt politicians want the hunt again




Hunting, ie the killing of wild animals, has been officially banned in Brazil since 1967. But lobbyists now want to legalize the hunt in Brazileven in nature reserves.

Furthermore, the new law will allow private hunting areas: for sports, for commercial purposes as well as the commercial trade and commercial breeding of wild animals.

-jaguar-safari.brasilienjpgbrazilian jaguar

Brazilian environmentalists sharply criticize the bill. Hunting and killing animals call them cruel, immoral and medieval rituals. The hunt is really just for the pleasure of the hunters, the fun of killing and the trade in endangered species.


The fauna, which is already massively decimated, must be protected and must not be destroyed, writes the organisation APREMAVI.

Behind the bill are also the interests of the Brazilian arms industry and arms exporters, especially from the USA.

Scientists reject the proposed law because hunting affects the stability of ecosystems and agricultural land and their own quality of life. Animals are irreplaceable for ecosystems and agricultural crops: they regenerate the forests by spreading seeds, keeping stocks in balance and healthy by controlling pests and diseases.

ameisen bärjpgAnts bear

Loss of environmental benefits from wildlife would have fatal ecological consequences, including high financial costs for us humans. Hunting also increases the risk of endangered species, many of which are endemic to Brazil (i.e., nowhere else in the world) extinct.

löwenäffchen dür brasilienlion monkeys, live only in the south of Brasil

The legislative initiative weakens the protection of the fauna and the preservation of biodiversity. It undermines existing environmental laws protecting wildlife (No 5.197 / 67), the Environmental Crime Law (No 9.605 / 98) and international treaties signed by Brazil such as the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

Please support the petition to the Brazilian Parliament. It should protect the wildlife and reject the hunting law!

My comment:  Go home! Animals do not need serial killers!

jäger karikatur n

Best regards, Venus

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