Archbishop of Colombo – Animals Don’t Bomb ! -Please Do Not Refer To Bombers as ‘Animals’ – Bombers Are Humankind Only, Just Like You.

Sri Lanka


Re the terrible bombings in Sri Lanka this morning – thoughts go to all those affected

Cardinal Archbishop of Colombo, Malcolm Ranjith made a statement that he hoped the people that did this would be caught and severely punished – he stated that ‘they are animals’.

Sir, if I can remind you; it is very often the religious upheaval and differences across this planet that lead to things such as experienced in Sri Lanka today.

elephant machine gun

I have nothing more to say than animals do not plant bombs; that is something only practised by humankind – your kind; often in the name of what you practice – Religion.

Animals hunt for their food – they do not hunt for pleasure, unlike your kind; They do not smoke, they do not drink alcohol; they do not experiment on each other or sadistically abuse each other as per man does to his fellow man.

I suggest with respect that in future you do not refer to destructive members of your own race as ‘animals’ – instead, you study them more for your preaching’s. You may find that you have a lot to learn as a human from the animal species.


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