South Korea: Korean Dogs Newsletter and Actions -26/4/19.

South Kores

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Newsletter 26/4/19.

New Call for Action
Gochang, Korea, Shut down the Illegal Dog Meat Farm located in the Livestock Farming Restricted Area!

A dog farm located next to Gochang Country Club in Gochang-gun Simwon-myeon remains in operation, despite years of complaints filed against it by the Gochang Country Club. This illegal dog farm is located within the Livestock Farming Prohibited Area and behind the dog farm is a seashore area, which connects to a walking path. It is also suspected that the dog farm is sitting on public land. But the county of Goyang continues to respond to those complaints with the same old excuses. The only way to shut down this dog farm is with a massive petition campaign. Please help by taking action now.

This and more actions – click on the following:!&utm_medium=email

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