Crime in everyday life


kuh hängt ausserhalb eines LKW`s_n

Picture taken near Quillacollo in the outskirts of Cochabamba – Bolivia
It seemed as if the animals were on their way to the slaughterhouse and there was no more space in the truck for the last cow. They hanged him outside the truck.
He was alive and visibly suffering. No authority did anything and the person who made the pic viral has since been threatened.

An atrocity, right? But is it really so different from being packed with all the others inside the truck? After all, they’re headed to the same place … your plate.


Repost @shaunmonson

My comment: We often see such pictures on the internet.
However, they run the risk of being misunderstood. Because most readers fall victim to their sentimentality and believe that this criminal act happens because animals end up on our plate.
This logic is very dangerous.
Because for these people it is not crucial if the hanging cow has to survive a long transport or is transported in trucks, standing, with the others.
Is it really the same?
No! It is a fundamentally wrong interpretation!

Eating these animals is legal. Transporting an animal in this way is illegal.

That’s what we’ve been fighting for, and we’re still struggling every day, so that not every criminal, anywhere in the world, does what he wants with the animals.
One speaks of laws.
One speaks of punishments, if these laws are not kept.

Otherwise, any unscrupulous slaughterer would allow himself to torture animals, with the practical excuse: “They end up on your plate anyway.”
And under the same logic we could also say that people could be tortured if they end up under the earth anyway !!

My best regards, Venus

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