England: Tv Wildlife Expert and Bird Campaigner Has Death Threats After Recently Winning Campaigns To Protect Birds From Being Shot.


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Chris Packham, who is a well known animal advocate and tv wildlife presenter; especially relating to all aspects of British wildlife; and also the hunting of migratory birds in Europe, has now had a “very calculated” death threat against him and his family after he campaigned for measures to protect birds from being shot.



Dead Crows were hung on his home gate:

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Here are links to a couple of issues relating to Chris which were posted on our other site, Serbian Animals Voice; and also the BBC:






Chris said the  threats would not stop him from continuing his conservation work.

“People like myself are very dogged and determined,” he said.

“I cannot allow these things to sway me.

There are too few people standing up and fighting to protect our environment, our landscape, our wildlife.”


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