Austria: “Serbia carries the animal protection to the grave”

Protest in front of the Serbian Consulate in Salzburg – the report!


österreichische Flagge
Now it was finally time – our protests against the incomprehensible brutality in Serbia animals have now taken physical form! A dozen weather-proof animal rights activists gathered in front of the consulate in Salzburg to make a first statement with a spectacular rally!

demo gegen serbia jpg

But the omens were not good; on the other hand, pouring rain paired with bitterly cold temperatures for the month did eventually do the rest, creating a somber atmosphere for the occasion.
All activists should also be dressed in black, matching skull masks made clear the motto of the day: he, the godfather, has found his home in the Balkan country, at least from the perspective of animals.

serbia demo jpg
‘Welcome to my paradise’, that’s his words! Therefore, we also brought our coffin, decorated with the words “Serbia carries the animal protection to the grave” (!!!) in front of the consulate.

Glowing grave candles and a sea of ​​banners promised to attract the interest of passers-by: “There is no excuse for animal abus” ‘was written in thick letters on the banners, “Here it stinks of animal cruelty” or “Stop the barbarism”. Also, the size and morality of a people can be recognized by how they treated his animals’ could be read; Soft toys Dogs were laid out on (fake) bloody sheets, those made of cloth, but also “real” dog goods were present (because of heavy rain, but only for a few minutes) accompanied by angry animal rights activists to show the gravity of the situation.

serbia shame on you

Whether the rally on the consulate staff made a lasting impression, this question does not arise; it can safely be answered with “yes”, as evidenced by the fact that employees filmed the events through the windows – probably on behalf of “above”; And this is exactly the reason for joy, because that alone the actual order of the demo seemed to have been reached: the message will be passed on, the ‘right people’ will talk about it! Also, the energetic appearance of an employee, who asked the police forces present to tell us that we have to remove any banners from the fence, suggests that we have hit the right nerve!

We would like to express a heartfelt thanks to the assembled animal rights activists at this point; To hold on to these conditions was a wonderful thing – you are just great, the best in the world!

My comment: It is undisputed that Serbia occupies a bad place in animal cruelty.
Serbia is not in the EU.
And certainly the extent of animal cruelty to animals – especially stray animals – will not be decisive for whether Serbia joins the EU or not.

Because then the EU should also reject the accession to countries like Greece, Romania or Spain, or, for the same reason, they should have shouted out of the EU.
Countries like Serbia are many in the EU and have not gotten better because they joined.

The Respect Animals Association claims that the actual message of the demo seemed to have been reached, but if the purpose of the activists was to make it clear to the Serbian government that there is no accession without animal welfare, the association must consider, what the EU Commissioners are say to the animal welfare law: It is a matter of the country!
Although demos in front of the consulate are therefore also a very good source of information for the public, they are not a strong pressure against the accession of Serbia to the EU.

Best regards, Venus












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