England: I like to ‘shoot’ animals – with a camera, not a gun. Fox Fan, and Proud of It !



I like to shoot animals – with a camera, not a gun.

Just imagine the benefit to all there could be if the shooting was only allowed through the lens of a camera by the governments of many nations where gun (trophy) hunting is currently the norm of the day. Money for governments; money for endangered species conservation; and above all, nations who wish to show that they still have decent people amongst them.

Here are a few shots I have recently taken of ‘my foxes’ who come to the house each day. What a pleasure to see and welcome them. They are safe !

At the last elections in England, ‘Vinny the Fox’ stood for Parliament.  Sadly he was not elected; but we are sure that he would have put animal welfare even higher up the agenda – and in the UK it is pretty good anyway:


Regards Mark











Fox Fan – and proud of it !

Related image

I have seen the blood junkies ‘out for fun’ side of it, and it makes me puke, always has.

Below – The result of a fox hunt that I personally took back in Southern England – the early 90’s.

Don’t let anyone tell you Fox Hunting is a ‘quick bite by the hounds at the back of the neck’.

East Kent Murder

What do the blood junkies get out of this ????


jäger mit Hosen unten

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