Yulin: a city in blood orgies




Yulin: Soon it’s time again!!
Despite criticism, on June 21, 2019, there is a big crowd at the dog meat festival in the southern Chinese city of Yulin, where more than 10,000 dogs are slaughtered live.
The protests of animal rights activists have started in Yulin and a ban is also being demanded in other cities in China. But the sellers invoke a tradition celebrating the summer solstice, and dogs are simply being captured from the streets everywhere, waiting for their painful suffering.


The Yulin Festival is not a centuries-old tradition: it was only launched in 2010! And many say it serves mainly the meat industry, which wants to boost their sales.

Tens of thousands of dogs, as well as cats, are brutally tortured before they land on their plates. The more pain the dog or cat experiences, the more adrenaline is released in the body. This ensures that the meat becomes tough.

yulin Hund angebundenpg
The customers demand tough meat because they falsely believe that tough meat increases the potency of the man.
Also stolen pets or sick street dogs load in the cooking pots. People from China and around the world are calling for protest.
Not all Chinese eat dog meat and many Chinese are calling for stricter legislation to ban dog meat trafficking.
Since 2008, Beijing has spent hundreds of millions of dollars to get a positive image abroad.
These include the Beijing Summer Olympics, Shanghai Expo 2020 and the 2022 Winter Olympics.
These efforts are enormously expensive.
If the Chinese government closes and bans the dog meat festival in Yulin, it can improve China’s image and it does not cost anything!
But instead of acting, animal rights activists in China are now being locked up.

China has no animal welfare law

According to Chinese media reports, pet thieves operate shamelessly. Sometimes they stun their prey with poisoned arrows. When they have collected dozens of animals, they make a deal with a dog meat trader. The traders then bring the dogs to slaughterhouses. The path for a dog to the slaughterhouse is agonizing.

hundetransporte in chinapg

The dogs are not checked for diseases and one of the biggest threats is the spread of rabies. According to statistics, thousands of people die of rabies every year. The report of the Chinese Ministry of Health shows that exactly the four provinces of Guizhou, Guangxi, Hunan and Guangdong are affected, where people prefer dog meat. The report also shows that Guangxi has the highest cancer rate in China. Another problem is the poison the dog thieves use. It can also be deadly to humans.

People eat dog meat because they still believe it is good for health. They even take the animal cruelty into account, because a dog should suffer before, so that the meat works. But just the opposite is the case. For chicken, pork or beef there are food safety checks, not for the dog. It is not a clean, safe and healthy food and nobody knows where it comes from.


The festival should take place in a few weeks and time is pressing. Sign the petition:




My comment: Is not it the same thing we do with pigs, sheep and calves?
These animals would also like to become our pets if we had not locked them in mass cages.
In Germany alone, 50,000 piglets a day land in the garbage cans, which are waste and are not needed. Half dead, they die an agonizing, slow death after they were beaten on the ground.

Yes! it’s not just the Chinese who are the criminals.
But that does not mean that a criminal is justified because another similar is practiced.
Torture and sadism of animals everywhere is a criminal, no matter in which nation.

And we will do our best to abolish this festival

Not because we believe that house animals do not belong in our plate and therefore have a special status in our morals.
But because we condemn torture and sadism against ALL animals, we will do our utmost to put an end to this barbarous festival too.

Yulin Foto

Best regards Venus

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